Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body

REST- Recharge Evolve Shine and Transform Learn to rest, it is so important. As work, exercise and other things are necessary for good health, so is relaxation. After eating and a long period of the hard work body demands rest. A person is exhausted by hard work, mental tension or emotional trauma recovers his/her energyContinue reading “Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body”

High Blood Pressure: Root causes and Symptoms

High blood pressure is not a disease but a warning to set your system of the body right. Nowadays so many people are suffering from this curse and helplessly living a miserable life. High blood pressure can lead to paralysis, failure of kidneys, defect in eyesights, extreme weakness and heart diseases etc. Globally, 9.4 millionContinue reading “High Blood Pressure: Root causes and Symptoms”