Money is NOT everything| Be Rich in LIFE

In today’s era, Money is something very important, necessary and useful…it has always been something for which people are killed and could kill. It’s one dangerous and valuable thing that can make your life luxuries, materialistic, easy, miserable and unaware. We all know how “Money” plays an important role in our lives. Sometimes more thanContinue reading “Money is NOT everything| Be Rich in LIFE”

Shashankasana- A Way to Surrender

The Sanskrit word Shashank means ‘Moon’. It is derived from two words: Shash meaning ‘Hare‘ and ‘Ank‘ meaning ‘Lap‘. People in India have seen the dark patches on the full moon as resembling the shape of a hare with the moon in its lap. Furthermore, The Moon symbolizes peace and calm; It emits soothing andContinue reading “Shashankasana- A Way to Surrender”

Helpful ways to deal with anger

  Expressing anger is not a sin or a crime. It is totally a human emotion that comes after a mixture of several feels like Insecurities, jealousy or failure. Such feels are the curse which leads to extreme anger or violence. Try to calm your mind and understand the root cause of anger and notContinue reading “Helpful ways to deal with anger”