Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body

REST- Recharge Evolve Shine and Transform Learn to rest, it is so important. As work, exercise and other things are necessary for good health, so is relaxation. After eating and a long period of the hard work body demands rest. A person is exhausted by hard work, mental tension or emotional trauma recovers his/her energyContinue reading “Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body”

Not Knowing What to do Next in Life

We all have seen or seeing this phase in life where we feel exhausted, lost and totally numb when it comes to ideas and plans. Feels like Life is a puzzle in a teenage mind. Isn’t it? If you feel lost, It is because your mind and heart are not working together in harmony. PeaceContinue reading “Not Knowing What to do Next in Life”

7 Amazing Healthy Habits to live Disease-free

To live a healthy life you must take care of your body as well as your mind. Believe it or not but both the mind and the body work together and effect together. The time is changing and people are getting busier with this, the physical and the mental state of a body are suffering.Continue reading “7 Amazing Healthy Habits to live Disease-free”