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Anulom Vilom pranayama is most important for the purification of Nadi(Breathe) and to balance all the Dosha(Problems) of the body. With both of the nostril, We breathe and release the tension.  To our nostrils, the most powerful force of the world is connected to The Sun and The Moon.  To bring balance to your Thoughts, […]

The human body is visually different from nature but internally it’s a whole lot nature itself. You are Nature. There are many entities in this body that connects us with the beautiful nature and the most beautiful creation of nature “Plants, Mountains, Beaches, Oceans, Trees etc”. Nature beauty is countless. You feel extremely Alive, Happy, Joyful, […]

The Sanskrit word Kapal means ‘Cranium’ or ‘Forehead” and Bhati means ‘Light’ or ‘Perception’ or ‘Knowledge‘. Hence Kapalbhati is a practice which brings a state of light and clarity to our brain. Another name of this practice is Kapalshodhana where ‘Kapal’ has the same meaning and ‘Shodhana’ means ‘To purify’. Pranayama means the control of ultimate vital energy called Prana in our human body. […]

The Sanskrit word Shashank means ‘Moon’. It is derived from two words: Shash meaning ‘Hare‘ and ‘Ank‘ meaning ‘Lap‘. People in India have seen the dark patches on the full moon as resembling the shape of a hare with the moon in its lap. Furthermore, The Moon symbolizes peace and calm; It emits soothing and […]

We all are here with some purpose doesn’t matter we acknowledge with it yet or not but, we all have. As we serve to the world we become a giver and as we take from the people around us that’s how we become a taker. Sometimes in this give and take relationships we give a […]

Crying. An emotional breakdown where we feel hopeless, lonely, betrayal or just sad. We express our feelings with tears. It’s easy for some people to shed off their pain in form of salty drops but for some people it is hard. The society has always told us in many expressions that crying is no solution […]