Navel center displacement Reasons|Symptoms|Self-testing|Yoga

Navel center is considered to be the center of all organs of a human body. Solar plexus where all the body organs meet through various ways and keep the body subtle and flexible. Origin of Manipura chakra in yogic aspects.  It controls our energy to strengthen and consolidate our health. Approximately 7 cm beneath theContinue reading “Navel center displacement Reasons|Symptoms|Self-testing|Yoga”

Basic rules of Yoga practice

Yoga is a beautiful union with self. It is powerful, energetic and life-changing to many people who do yoga practice every day but, to avoid the unwanted effects there are some basic rules and guidelines in a yoga practice that everyone should keep in mind. Let’s acknowledge rules we should follow in yoga: Yoga and meals DoContinue reading “Basic rules of Yoga practice”

Ujjayi Pranayama- The psychic breath Practice|Benefits|Precautions

The Sanskrit word Ujjayi means ‘Victorious’. The pranayama which gives freedom and bondage. It is also known as psychic breath or ocean breath because of the sound our throat creates while performing this pranayama. It leads to subtle states of mind and is used together with khechari mudra, the tongue lack, in tantric meditation suchContinue reading “Ujjayi Pranayama- The psychic breath Practice|Benefits|Precautions”

Chronic and Acute disease| How Naturopathy works over Diseases?

Diseases can be categorized into two parts: Chronic Disease Acute Disease Acute Diseases When nature takes out toxins accumulated within the body then it is called an acute disease like Fever, Loose motion, Vomits, Cough, Cold, etc. While suffering from an acute disease the symptoms usually are of loss of appetite, bitter taste of mouth,Continue reading “Chronic and Acute disease| How Naturopathy works over Diseases?”

Mud Therapy|Uses and Benefits of Mud therapy in Various diseases

Mud has all the healing properties in it. It absorbs all the feces, waste, dirt and impurities of this world and still remains pure itself. Nature has the ability to digest everything in the form of soil and change it into the source of life. The food we eat, the oxygen we breathe and theContinue reading “Mud Therapy|Uses and Benefits of Mud therapy in Various diseases”

Everything about Fasting|Ways, Requirements, and Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a part of and a super beautiful way of life. This is an ancient and effective means of maintaining good health or restore the best health possible. That is why it is necessary for well and unwell too. As it has exceptional importance from the health point of view, and it has alsoContinue reading “Everything about Fasting|Ways, Requirements, and Benefits of Fasting”

Yoga for Ingestion, Acidity, and Constipation| Yoga Poses for Digestive problems

Acidity is one chronic condition when your stomach, abdomen and food pipe suffer from the burning sensation. This burning sensation could be slight to severe. Where Indigestion causes gas formation in the stomach which passes out repeatedly from the anus or get retained within, this causes gastric trouble in the body. Acidity and Indigestion areContinue reading “Yoga for Ingestion, Acidity, and Constipation| Yoga Poses for Digestive problems”

Yoga for Women’s Health| Yoga to Increase Fertility in the Women

Infertility is not a fault of women or men and can happen to everyone around the world. It is when two people want to conceive and get pregnant and sadly unable to. Unprotected sex for one year and not able to conceive is a major sign of infertility. It can be because of male andContinue reading “Yoga for Women’s Health| Yoga to Increase Fertility in the Women”

Real Causes of Slow Metabolism| 3 Simple ways to boost your metabolism naturally

Metabolism is a process by which our body creates energy to live, laugh and love. The food we eat, water and beverages we drink and oxygen we breath mixed up together to becomes one powerful force called “Energy”. Simply Conversion of food into energy is called “Metabolism” Our metabolism is a God gift to usContinue reading “Real Causes of Slow Metabolism| 3 Simple ways to boost your metabolism naturally”