Navel center displacement Reasons|Symptoms|Self-testing|Yoga

Navel center is considered to be the center of all organs of a human body. Solar plexus where all the body organs meet through various ways and keep the body subtle and flexible. Origin of Manipura chakra in yogic aspects.  It controls our energy to strengthen and consolidate our health. Approximately 7 cm beneath theContinue reading “Navel center displacement Reasons|Symptoms|Self-testing|Yoga”

Signs you are ready for “Marriage”

If you are here then there must be something you are looking for to guide you into the decision of marriage. Honestly, no one can really take charge of you. I’ll suggest you believe in your intuition. Marriage is a big and beautiful promise to make for a lifetime. Sometimes you are not ready forContinue reading “Signs you are ready for “Marriage””

Basic rules of Yoga practice

Yoga is a beautiful union with self. It is powerful, energetic and life-changing to many people who do yoga practice every day but, to avoid the unwanted effects there are some basic rules and guidelines in a yoga practice that everyone should keep in mind. Let’s acknowledge rules we should follow in yoga: Yoga and meals DoContinue reading “Basic rules of Yoga practice”

Money is NOT everything| Be Rich in LIFE

In today’s era, Money is something very important, necessary and useful…it has always been something for which people are killed and could kill. It’s one dangerous and valuable thing that can make your life luxuries, materialistic, easy, miserable and unaware. We all know how “Money” plays an important role in our lives. Sometimes more thanContinue reading “Money is NOT everything| Be Rich in LIFE”

Little Gratitude can change everything| Practice Gratitude every day

Long ago…There was a man named Prasad. He’s was a farmer and lives with her wife and old mother. Living simply he had never spent his day worrying or wondering about the better life he “Can” have. Prasad likes to take care of his mother and love his wife no matter what. The only motiveContinue reading “Little Gratitude can change everything| Practice Gratitude every day”

Impact of Thoughts on our Health|Choose to Live Mindfully

Thoughts- An idea or opinion produced by thinking after seeing or feeling something. As simple as that, as complicated it can make our life. We see thousands of things in a day and every time we see or feel something we capture it as an image in our mind. A mind is a powerful tool andContinue reading “Impact of Thoughts on our Health|Choose to Live Mindfully”

Mud Therapy|Uses and Benefits of Mud therapy in Various diseases

Mud has all the healing properties in it. It absorbs all the feces, waste, dirt and impurities of this world and still remains pure itself. Nature has the ability to digest everything in the form of soil and change it into the source of life. The food we eat, the oxygen we breathe and theContinue reading “Mud Therapy|Uses and Benefits of Mud therapy in Various diseases”

Everything about Fasting|Ways, Requirements, and Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a part of and a super beautiful way of life. This is an ancient and effective means of maintaining good health or restore the best health possible. That is why it is necessary for well and unwell too. As it has exceptional importance from the health point of view, and it has alsoContinue reading “Everything about Fasting|Ways, Requirements, and Benefits of Fasting”

Freedom from Tension and Stress|9 effective ways to say Bye-Bye to Stress

Without wasting a single minute, Here are the simple, super effective and gentle ways to say bye-bye to stress and not just deal with it. One should never deal with the stress and always show it the way out of your mind and body. We can be free in this world but, in mind, anyoneContinue reading “Freedom from Tension and Stress|9 effective ways to say Bye-Bye to Stress”