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Crying. An emotional breakdown where we feel hopeless, lonely, betrayal or just sad. We express our feelings with tears. It’s easy for some people to shed off their pain in form of salty drops but for some people its hard. The society has always told us in many expressions that crying is no solution and […]

Mudra in Spiritual aspects: The Sanskrit word mudra is translated as ‘gesture’ or ‘attitude’. Mudras can be described as psychic, emotional devotional and aesthetic gestures or attitude. Yogis have experienced mudra as attitudes of energy flow, intended to link individual pranic force with universal or cosmic force. Mudra is a combination of subtle physical movements […]

The Vajra or Thunderbolt is said to be the weapon of Indra, King of Devas, Just as a mind is the king of all the senses. Vajrasana is used by Muslims and Zen Buddhists as a position for prayers and meditation. It is believed that In this posture, a person’s spine is in perfect position, which is the […]

Let’s face it we are living in a world where it’s no longer important to being kind at all (but very necessary) because there are more things which will help you in making some extra dollars and not just left you with a feeling of good being. Well, it’s the matter of perspective and how […]