Helpful ways to deal with anger


Expressing anger is not a sin or a crime. It is totally a human emotion that comes after a mixture of several feels like Insecurities, jealousy or failure.

Such feels are the curse which leads to extreme anger or violence. Try to calm your mind and understand the root cause of anger and not to the anger expressions. Once you will understand the cause of the anger you will be aware of the actions.

There is something you can do for yourself and you will be more peaceful than the person who is in complete control of outsiders.

Do not let anyone ruin your vibe and You are all beautiful. 🙂

Let me help you a bit to save your state of mind and live mindfully as well as peacefully.

  • Yoga

All the time and every time. Yoga has helped me personally so much and is helping me with so many other things as well. I use to be a very angry person and has no control over the actions to express anger. To release that toxic emotion I choose to move with the flow of my body. You can do any sort of exercise to release this anger emotion. It will be most helpful I bet.

  • Temporary Distance

Sometimes, a healthy distance from the situation and the people who cause you anger is the best. Distance yourself for some time to understand the reasons and solutions. You should not completely avoid the situation as it can help you for some time but it will hold a grudge in your heart for so long.

  • Breathe

Sounds stupid but try this. Take some deep breathes in between the act of anger and it will be little help for you to not cross the limit of harm to yourself as well as others. Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!

  • Meditation

If anger is very usual for you and you get trigger easily by outsiders then this is for you. Meditation will help you a lot. Try to sit in silence for sometime and do meditation regularly. Soon you will see the results.

  • Eat more Fruits and Veggies

We are what we eat. Eat simpler and fresh food to avoid toxic emotions in the body. Do not eat Fried, processed, overcooked and animal product. Hydrate your body well with water, Juices, and soups. Have a happy meal 🙂

  • Prayers and Chanting

Believe it or not! This works like a miracle. Prayers are very powerful and can change a person completely. Do not sit to ask God or deity for solutions but strength and patience. everybody is somehow dealing with something in life and all we need is willpower of living in this world peacefully and maintaining the peace around.

Hope it all helped.

Hare Krishna xX





How anger affect your body and how to deal with it?

What is anger?

Anger is a powerful emotion. If it isn’t handled appropriately, it may have destructive results for you and those closest to you. Uncontrolled anger can lead to arguments, physical fights, and Violence. As like other emotions of our body anger is not bad neither the person who shows anger is bad, but one should know how to deal with their anger.

Physical effects

  • High blood pressure

Higher blood pressure or hypertension is not a disease but a warning to set your system right. Anger directly affects the blood pressure and the flow of blood in our body. High blood pressure invites other diseases to your body which also includes Paralysis.

  • Muscle pain

Yes, Anger affects every muscle of your body. Muscles can hold the tension of your body at various parts cause by anger or stress.

  • Weak Immune system

Anger Disorder of the immune system can cause autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, and cancer. Both less active or hyperactive immune system is dangerous for health and it should be balanced properly for a better lifestyle.

  • Heart attack

Chronic anger can increase your risk of heart diseases and heart attack. When you hold anger for long period of time it turns inwards and affects your heart in several ways.

Mental effects

  • Left you with nothing

I’ll be honest here, Whenever anger takes place in my life It left me with nothing. Exactly nothing!!!

  • Regrets

Anger is just an emotion and once it will be gone there will be so many regrets for the actions you have taken while you were angry.

  • Ruin your positive energy

Most obvious, Anger sucks your positive state of mind and body. Left you with deep negative emotions and sometimes unnecessary sadness.

On others

Have you ever heard this phrase “Laughter is contagious”? My dear, So your anger can affect not only you but the people in your life as well. It casts a negative feeling on those around you. You spread the extreme vibrations around you this will affect your personality as well as the behavior of others towards you.

How to deal with anger?

We have discussed a lot of bad effects of anger on our physical, mental and social environment. Does that mean anger is bad and should not be out? The answer is Big No!!!

Anger is a natural human emotion and you should not hold it for too long. It’s okay!

All you need to know is Helpful ways to deal with anger

Some of the things I do and hopefully you will find it helpful:

  • Yoga or any sort of exercise and physical movements to release tension and negative energy from your body.
  • Temporary distance from the people or the situation that cause anger in the first place.
  • Meditation, Chanting, and prayer 🙂


Hare Krishna xX


What makes Autumn so special?

Dear Autumn, I feel you!

I share a beautiful connection with Autumn, I think we all do. The leaves are falling of trees by turning yellow as someone started decorating them with the colors when the world set on rest.

Some leaves are holding the branches as they have no intention to let it go it and they will hold it as long as decided by mother nature. Change is hard and not easy going always, some of the leaves have given up with the last draft of wind and some need time to let go!

Shedding of fear and losing oneself in the flow of this universe is hard and we often see ourselves as those beautiful stubborn hopeful leaves, but hope for what? Holding on something which wasn’t meant to stay. We also see ourselves as the ones who chose to let it all go and making the place for the new beginnings.

All those quiet walks are turning into the noisy ones, the sound of every step on the ground is crusty and reminding us of our old self.

We are spending our time sitting on the couch, reading that old book over and over again, watching the sunset, making ourselves more comfortable in the warmness of unsettled bed you left after the dreams you had last night, the smell of coffee seems like a hope in the garden of fallen feels.

I hug myself and whisper with the closed eyes… “It will all gonna be okay!”

Sleeping with the question in my mind “Do the time has come to take out the blankets?”

Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow (zzz)

Hare Krishna



What do you need to start practicing yoga?| Things you need in Yoga practice

What do you need exactly to start your yoga journey?

A beautiful moon print yoga mat, gorgeous tight yoga pants, slightly showy top and the list could be long in market today. Question is “Do we really need it?”

The answer is NO! Absolutely! You literally need nothing and you can start a yoga practice any day, anytime and anywhere. Luckily there is one way to keep yourself fit and healthy without spending lots of money. The ancient yogis of India had no need of materials and they had spent their whole life in a piece of cotton cloth and survived every weather condition, ate simple sattvic food, live under the shed of the tree and attain spirituality. Ofcourse, you don’t have to do that. The thing is the more you depend on materials the more you will be their slave. You can simply practice yoga on the grass and believe me, you will probably feel happier over grass than yoga mat but that isn’t  necessary to do.

Feel good in your body and accept yourself with all you have🌿

Here are the things you actually need in a Yoga Practice

  • Desire

The most important thing you need is a desire to learn and stick to it. If you are open to receive the energy, you just might discover how inclusive and uplifting yoga can be. Nobody can teach you yoga if you are not surrendering to the process of learning and practicing with full dedication.

person holding colorful heart shaped
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  • Trust

In a yoga practice where you will be spending your important time and energy you need a little trust and patience to work with. Yoga practice doesn’t help people overnight and takes a little patience but, the results will totally change you.

  • Discipline

Important point “Discipline”. Yoga demands discipline to gift all the magical benefits it is holding to serve you. You can practice yoga as a peaceful act which relaxes your mind and removes stress from the body or you can live life as a Yogi, but both the time you need discipline or at least the willingness to learn and be conscious of your acts. Although Its okay to start slowly and take your time to come into the regular practice.

  • Breathable Clothes

To start feeling good the first thing comes in our mind is the comfort. Breathable and simplest cotton clothes are the best in practice so that you can focus on the practice and not on the tugging waistband. You don’t have to look good while doing yoga so you have no need to buy all those insanely expensive yoga pants.

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  • Simple mat

To practice yoga you will definitely need a mat to save yourself from injuries and also it provides a good grip to practice asanas. Any simple cheap yoga mat would do great in your practice. Only check it’s not slippery.

  • Water

Hydrating your body during the yoga practice is the must because it helps you breath properly, dehydration, removing toxins and of course, prevent you from fainting down on the floor so always keep a good amount of water while practicing yoga. You can add a lemon slice or Tulsi leaves in it.

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Have a happy yoga 🙂




Why choose yoga?|Eight reasons to do yoga every damn day!

When there are millions of other things to do, then why yoga?

It’s a wonderful way to work out but not just a workout to sweat it out. Yoga is a union. Yoga is a practice of focusing on now, being present and a beginning of the magical path that leads to spirituality. Everything we humans do is an expression of who we are. You may be consciousness or you may not be conscious of your actions but everything you put in this world is an expression of your soul. Yoga helps you to be aware of your expressions. I have thousands of reason to get people into yoga but these are my most favorite ones.

To inhale life and exhale burden

First of all, Yoga is beautiful. It made you a happier person. We have so much going on in life these days we forget that we are actually here to experience life. We take this breath for granted and forget that we are just a part of this soil and soon or later will be back in this soil. Resting. We are not here only to make money or have a better house. Every soul has a purpose. Let’s find it, achieve it and live it with every moment.

To be flexible both emotionally and physically

You start your journey to be flexible with yoga, this flexibility we start working with is not only for your physical postures but for your mental health also. Your life and your body should be flexible enough for whatever it is required to be.

To live out of the shell

What if I tell you, you can live your whole life in a shell without even knowing there is a way outside and the shell waiting for you to be open and let the light travel through your inner beauty. Yoga helps us in shedding layers of this shell and make it thinner. Its a slow process but one day you will realize “You can live without this shell”

Helps you quitting the circle of life

This life is a circle and everything you do is in a state of the circle. Everything you do and get is coming through the path of that circle and time will repeat itself again and again. If your vision is limited to the possibilities you see are limited and you will stay happy with the way you see things. Only if you are conscious enough you will see you are traveling in a circle and you don’t want to be the part of that circle anymore. Yoga helps us to reach somewhere and not just circling.

Not just an exercise

Yoga is not just an exercise of the body you do to lose weight or having a flat tummy. Its a whole procedure of finding and creating yourself. If you want to be a little bit more aware in your life Yoga is a wonderful way.

Cure and Prevention

Everyone knows that yoga helps you healing but do you know yoga helps you in prevention from so many diseases. You live a healthy lifestyle with yoga because Yoga removes all the toxic elements from your soul, mind, and body.

It helps you ON the mat and also OFF the mat

Yoga is not an act you can do on your mat for some time and think you are a YOGI I am sorry but this is true. Actual yoga practice starts off the mat. As you were aware of your breathe while flowing and holding an asana, you need to be aware of your THOUGHTS off the mat also so what are you putting in this world? It will come back to you one day. Spread kindness and joy.

To feel the presence of “GOD”

Last but surely not the least. God is here with us, living inside us and guiding our journey. Only we need to listen to them. God is the creator and only he is the sustainer of this universe. Prayers and patience are the part of yoga and I feel the presence of Krishna everywhere around me. Yoga helps you grow closer to god.

Let’s connect more!

Hare Krishna Xx



the journey begins


I am Shikha Sharma. This is the real name my parents have got me when I came to this world on 3rd January 1994. I am an  Indian girl who is practicing yoga for 10 years.  Working to live the simplest life possible. Let us have a glimpse at my life. It was an early morning, I came to this world with an exact sunrise time, my mother is holding me in hands and not everyone seems very happy as they were expecting a boy this time. My elder sister was their first child and having a thought of another girl child scared them a bit but at least they didn’t try to abort me as they did for my younger sister. Luckily she is with us today. Now the time is changing in modern India and the girl child is equally accepted as a boy child. From the beginning of life, things were difficult for the whole family as financial issues, relationship issues and everything was a complete mess. I was raised as a burden, not only me but all my sisters too. It’s always been so hard to speak and raise a voice against the whole system of cultured affected family. School time was nice and it was a free school ran under the government policies. My name was registered in all the activities my school use to offer and I was an average student in studies but an active participant in other activities. I was 14 when I first stepped on the yoga mat, I didn’t understand the meaning of yoga at that time it was just a physical activity I was doing. A stubborn child with no mercy for anyone in the heart as I myself bear a lot of pain since childhood. It always felt like everyone will gonna hurt me or try to fool me so better not trust and stay at a distance probably because of the environment I lived in. I would say I don’t want any child to be raised like me. I kept thinking my parents are strict and orthodox until the time I turned 17 and something happened that change everything completely. One day our family was going to meet some people and I didn’t have any idea about anything. We were going to meet the family of a guy and a guy himself I suppose to marry. Marry??!!! I shouted, I cried, I scream and ran away from the place. That was the first time I realize that things will go to get worse soon I was in high school and had many dream of course! Every child does… AWFUL!.While writing this my heart feel terrible. That was the first time I realized that nothing will gonna change just by sitting, praying and waiting. I’m hurt by this fact that nobody supported me at that hard time. I was hurt both physically and mentally. I started working right after my high school to study further and to pay my bills. Worked as a trader, an Accountant, and a school teacher. Dropped all of these well-established jobs and careers because I was never happy and the idea of sitting in a place where I cannot connect with anyone. I found everyone was working in a line of people where the money was the only thing people were running behind. It all felt like living in a cage where I have never seen freedom yet. I’m thankful for the opportunities and respect all the professions but I was not meant for this path. I am not sharing my experiences and lessons as a show-off or using them as a sympathy gaining act because I don’t need it, but as a hope for everyone out there suffering.  It’s not easy at all to write about it. It takes my everything to share this side of my soul. Courage is all you need to let it all go and see you grow. It’s not easy but surely possible. Believe me, I know! I understand! I’ve been through! By this time yoga and Lord Krishna was always there to support me and blessed me with strength for this path they chose for me. I call myself Krishna’s child. I feel the energy of ultimate love in the name of Krishna. There’s no world without him and practicing yoga with the thought of God is the way how I started feeling conscious and dedicated my life towards spirituality. A part of me was always moving on the floor and appreciating this life no matter what. I have seen the worst but I know there is a lot more to come. Yoga is a huge part of my life and it’s magical how it helped my healing path. I’ve been through so why not share this magical path of enlightenment with everyone out there. I am nothing and just a 24-year-old girl practitioner of yoga and meditation. I often get asked this question that “Are you single?” Umm…so finally I am answering this question. My soul has been connected with the most beautiful soul of this planet, He makes me feel safe, secure and alive. He brings peace and patience in my life. I LOVE HIM the most. So luckily yes! Starting this blog to share my knowledge and heart. Wishing you all good and healthy day 🙂 Hare Krishna xX