Real Causes of Slow Metabolism| 3 Simple ways to boost your metabolism naturally

Metabolism is a process by which our body creates energy to live, laugh and love. The food we eat, water and beverages we drink and oxygen we breath mixed up together to becomes one powerful force called “Energy”. Simply Conversion of food into energy is called “Metabolism”

Our metabolism is a God gift to us like plants have photosynthesis.🌱

In Modern times, Lives are becoming so busy winning the race of unreal paths that they have forgotten how even this body works and how it is meant to do work. Making changes in lives without any different best alternative to live by and only for one thing called “Comfort”.

Let’s learn some really Important things about metabolism before jumping into the cure.


  • Less Sun

The Sun is the most important source on Earth and without it, nothing can survive. A ball of ultimate energy that gives us life. People tend to avoid sun and sunlight due to side effects of UV rays exposure. It can harm your skin cells but, on the extreme contact of skin and sunlight. You need to know how to balance both as your body needs many elements from the sun to work properly and be healthy.

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Without coming in the contact of sunlight you tend to have many problems physically and mentally like- Depression, Vitamin D deficiency, Poor Immunity, Weak eyesight, Cancer, Obesity and Arthritis.

Sunlight helps us in the effective metabolism process with the help of energy that our body soak in from Sun rays.

  • Less Water

Everyone knows the importance of water to us and how it helps us keep our body hydrated all day long. Water is the most essential part of our body as it contains many minerals our body needs. It moves nutrients, hormones, antibodies, and oxygen through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Hydration should be the most important priority in your schedule. Our body needs 3 liters of water in a day. Why not? Our body is 60-70% water only.

Dehydration can cause several problems in our human system and that is- Diahera, Kidney failure, Weakness, Skin problems, Joints pain, Dry mouth\eyes, and many other illnesses.

Water Increase your Metabolic rate and helps you passing stool easily and keeps your blood healthy by removing toxins from the body. For a healthy body drink enough water and water rich food 19 Healthiest Food To Add In Your Day-Today Meal|Top Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables for Hydration

  • Less Raw and Uncooked food

Raw, Fresh and Plant-based food actually helps a lot in the good metabolism process as it maintains the body PH level and helps you flush out toxins easily. Alkaline food is what our body demands every time you feel hungry and not acidic food. Maintaining the balance of both is so much important as it is the only reason you develop much imbalance in life.

Read about What are Alkaline and Acidic foods?| How to balance Alkaline and Acid in your body?

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  • Less Physical Work

Most important but, easily forgettable point. Our body’s natural state is Movements, It demands movements, the only way to work is movements and nowadays people can easily forget to move as there are many other substitutes of moving like technology has made us. Sure technology is the smartest invention of humankind but, also the overuse or use it even when you can do things by your own hand because you think sitting on a couch watching one more episode is more important. I’m sorry but, you are killing a life inside slowly.

Metabolism works its best when you move. It helps you gain muscle mass and massages every part of your body regularly.

Get up and start moving. Do exercise, Yoga, Weight lifting Households, Walk-in nature or simply dance but, MOVE! 

Yoga for Detox: Yoga Asanas that helps in Cleansing Toxins from the Body


  • Good Diet

Taking a balanced diet containing all the good nutrients in it can help you fight any illness. Food has amazing healing power if taken properly and mindfully. There is much food that triggers one’s body metabolism and works great on others. Everybody is different and accept different foods. Pay attention to your diet and observe what causes you problems like Constipation, Bloating, Gas, and Laziness immediately after eating it. Avoid food which is not good for your body.

Constipation Cure Naturally without Laxatives|Yoga & Home Remedies for Constipation

  • Healthy Habits

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it”- Richard Whately

Choose a rich life is to choose rich habits. As simple as that. If you have no time table of doing things then your body will be confused with your changing routines. No time set for waking up and no time to go to the bed will cause you many life-threatening problems you could have ever imagined.

7 Amazing Healthy Habits to live Disease-free

It looks like It has no effects but, slowly it will damage your metabolism and other body parts as you as the owner is not conscious enough for our body.

  • Yoga

Yoga is the best way to live this life fully both physically and mentally. It gives you amazing strength, power, flexibility, and balance in life. A very well connected life with its own consumption of thoughts, food, and energy is a blessed one. Be the one!

Practice yoga every day for half an hour and you will see the difference very soon.


Why choose yoga?|Eight reasons to do yoga every damn day!


Many Blessings ❤

Hare Krishna 🙂


What are Alkaline and Acidic foods?| How to balance Alkaline and Acid in your body?

All diseases begin from an imbalance of alkali and acid in the body and end with it getting balanced. In the human body, 80% is alkali and 20% is acid. Maintaining this ratio is the primary basis of health. In this aspect only our physical, Mental and practical, natural, the capacity of copulation depends, that is why our food must include 80% alkali and 20% acidic substances in it.

Why do we need to eat more Alkaline food?

Before jumping straight to Alkaline and Acidic food, You need to understand why even maintaining this diet ratio is important.

Our body has a PH level. Our blood is slightly Alkaline and that is with a PH between 7.35 to 7.45. A neutral PH is 7 and should not be less than that. Our stomach has the acid and its PH level is 3.5 or below, it is used in breaking down the food particles. Acid is powerfully harmful and that is why there is an inner wall inside our stomach that keeps acid in its place only.

The body that contains a PH level below 7 is known as Acidosis. A lower PH level means that your blood is more acidic and your lungs and Kidney can’t keep your body PH in balance. Acidosis can be Life-threatening problem itself and cause many other diseases.

What happens to our body when it turns Acidosis?

If you are looking to decrease your chances of having a chronic disease, you need to start focusing on your diet. More acid in the body can be the biggest cause of diseases like Hypertension, Degenerative diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. Can damage your Kidneys, Lungs, and Liver.

If you already have one of above-mentioned illness than you can heal your body with food and the right lifestyle. Alkaline food is what your body needs more and not medications.

What are Alkaline foods?

We need more Alkaline rich food in our diet as it matches our body PH Level and no disease can grow in an Alkaline environment. Alkaline Rich foods are Fruits and Vegetables. Uncooked food or Food that we can eat raw and doesn’t require cooking. It actually contains many types of fruits and vegetables. Except for Berries, Plum, Lemon, and Oranges.

Some most Alkaline rich foods are Figs, Sprouted grains, Coconut and Dates.

What are Acidic foods?

Acidic food is easily available all around us and so are Disease now adays. An average person in today’s age includes 90-100% of acidic food in their diet. Acidic foods are meat, Dairy products, Cooked Foods, Wheat, Sweets, Sugar, Grain, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Boiled milk, Maida, salt, Soda, Vegetable oils, Drinks, Fried and Deep fried baked product.

How to slowly add more alkaline food in your Diet?

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  • The alkaline diet is not like a trend or a Diet plan you can take to lose weight. Alkaline foods are fresh, green and full of nutrients our body needs to work properly. It’s should not be like do the sudden changes in your diet and go completely green with the food choices. Take time and plan your one meal a day that will include more alkaline rich food and less acidic food.
  • If you don’t eat any fruit in a day? You should add fruits and veggies in your plate before filling it with the food you eat regularly. Fill up your stomach with alkaline food first will do wonders. Once it will become your habit… you will live a very healthy life by feeling good all the time.
  • Try not to cook, pressurized or fry your veggies all the time you eat. You can roast it a bit without adding too much oil or spices. Uncooked food is the best
  • Go for Fasting twice a week. Eat alkaline food all day to stay energetic. This will clean most of the toxins present in your body. Slowly add more days once you feel comfortable.


{Note: People who eat more Raw food like fruits and salad do not have any problem with body disease. The problem is faced by people who eat more cooked food.}

Have happy Raw eating.


Hare Krishna ❤

How to Purify your Blood?| Detox your Blood Naturally

Our body has fluid called blood. Blood can contain much toxic substance in it from the air, water, and food that we eat. It’s easier for the disease to enter in our body when the blood is not clean or toxic-free or we should say the main reason. To live a happy healthy life we need to understand many things like what causes toxic blood. Read about this here Toxic Blood| Thick and Dark color Blood Causes and Symptoms

In this blog, I will be sharing natural and effective methods to Purify your blood.

Remember it will take Time, Dedication, and Patience to see the results. In order to heal your body, you need to follow these methods given below.

Purification with the help of Food

Most of all the disease begins from an imbalance of food habits. The human body has two types of nature Alkaline and Acid. In the human body, 80% is alkaline and 20% is acid. Maintaining this ratio is the primary basis of health. Add more Alkaline food in your diet. What are Alkaline and Acidic foods?| How to balance Alkaline and Acid in your body?

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  • For the first two to three days live on juices like Amla, Carrot, Pineapple, White pumpkin, Lemon water, and Coconut water.
  • Start adding more uncooked food in your diet and less acidic foods.
  • Weekly fasts.
  • Do not eat Maida, Refined sugars, Refined rice, Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Chillies, Spices, and non-vegetarian food.
  • Take basil leaves juice every day in the morning.
  • Be on two days fast by only eating grapes.
  • Do not eat all day and give your body rest for 5 hours in between the meal.
  • Skip heavy dinner and have it before 6pm.
  • Do not skip breakfast.
  • Do not stay hungry and eat fruits, nuts, and salads, etc.
  • Add colorful fruits and vegetables in your meal.
  • Never overeat, it will not provide you more nutrients.
  • Chew your food properly, digestion starts in the mouth.

For more. Read this. 7 Amazing Healthy Habits to live Disease-free

Purification with the help of Yoga asana

Yoga helps you in Increased energy, Improved sleep patterns, Better immunity, Balanced hormones, Improved digestion, Weight loss, Glowing skin, Shiny hair, Good Feeling, etc. Yoga has all the goodness of this world and helps in healing your body completely. Gives the complete relaxation to the mind, body, and soul. By practicing asana you develop strength, flexibility, and balance in life. With the practice, you tend to focus your body and mind. Did you know you create space for your body to generate sweat as toxins and purify the blood while practicing yoga? Learn yoga poses that will help you detox.

Yoga for Detox: Yoga Asanas that helps in Cleansing Toxins from the Body

Purification with the help of Pranayama

Breathing practices help you exhale toxins with the path of your both nostrils. Massages your organs to work properly and left you with calm feeling Pranayama- The Ultimate Life’s Source

Oxygen goes to the blood vessels deep in our lungs and then on to all parts. As our body uses oxygen, it releases waste products from blood called toxins. We get rid of carbon dioxide when we breathe out. Lungs are one huge part of our body to get the toxins out with every breath you take. Isn’t it is the easiest way to get rid of poisonous substance? Say YES to More deep breaths xX

Purification with the help of Nature

Nature doesn’t play an important role in our life but, it is our life. Nature is us and we are nature. With a proper consumption of Fresh air, Sunshine, Water and nourish our body with fruits and vegetables anyone can heal themselves.

Our body is made up in such a form that we cannot skip any of them or we will face illness sooner or later because without a bliss of nature none human can survive. Have you ever thought about Why do we feel good with Nature?


Hare Krishna💚🌿💫

Yoga for Detox: Yoga Asanas that helps in Cleansing Toxins from the Body

Yoga has a tremendous way to make you feel good in this body. Our body is meant to be moved and by moving it experience needs to energy. For energy, our body eats, and drinks. Every organ of this body is designed in a form to use that energy in a positive way and remove the waste. If that waste is hard to remove from the body? It roams around our body in the form of toxins and slowly takes the name of the disease.

Toxins are the most rooted cause of Disease. You see, feel and witness many changes in the body if you are living with toxic in your blood. Read here Toxic Blood| Thick and Dark color Blood Causes and Symptoms

Yoga helps you remove toxin substance from the body by three ways Skin, Urine, and Faeces. Asanas are connected with physical activity. They remove Restlessness, Instability, Laziness, and obesity.  Your body feels light, become disease free and starts glowing.

In the world, No other activity than the asana has been found which would so minutely affect the endocrine glands especially. Here are some Asana that will help you cleanse your body from toxins and helps you live a better and joyful life.

(Note- Only practice after warming up your body completely)

Naukasana{Boat Pose}


{Try to keep your back straight and hold it for 10-20 sec.}

Paschimottanasana{Seated Forward Fold}


{People who suffer from a slipped disc, Sciatica or hernia should not practice this asana}

Halasana{Plough Pose}


{Should not be practiced by people who suffer from High Blood pressure, Hernia, Sciatica or any serious back and neck problem}

Ushtrasana{Camel Pose}


{Lumbago patients should avoid. Breath as you open your heart}

Dhanurasana{Bow Pose}


{People suffering from High Blood pressure, Hernia and Colitis should avoid this asana}

Bhujangasana{Cobra Pose}


{Should not be practiced by people suffering from Hernia, Peptic ulcer, Intestinal tuberculosis.}

Chakarasana{Wheel Pose}

{Should not be practiced by people with weak legs, wrist, and back. Pregnant women completely avoid}

Ardha Matsyendrasana{Half Spinal Twist}


{Pregnant women should avoid, Sciatica and slipped disc should not practice this asana}

Pasasana{Noose Pose}


{People with lower back pain, Knee problems and hernia should avoid}

Pranayama (Breathing Practices)

Learn how to remove toxins of your body through breathing and live light and happy life. Sharing the three most effective and dynamic ways to use your breath in healing path.

Bhastrika Pranayama- Detox Negativity Practice|Benefits|Precautions

Anulom Vilom- Way to within Practice|Benefits|Precautions

Kapalbhati- To Purify Practice|Benefits|Precautions


Inhale Exhale 🙂

Hare Krishna ❤


Not Knowing What to do Next in Life

We all have seen or seeing this phase in life where we feel exhausted, lost and totally numb when it comes to ideas and plans. Feels like Life is a puzzle in a teenage mind. Isn’t it? If you feel lost, It is because your mind and heart are not working together in harmony. Peace comes with the balance of both.

You want more from your life, You think like you have all the capabilities to get more and explore more but, How?! You believe strongly in your self that you can do things with little more efficiency.

Well, the truth is a little different than your abilities and desires. It won’t always be serving you for what you’ve worked for or planned before. When this happens, people tend to feel lost and hopeless in their lives.

Ouch! Is it bad to feel?

Nope! You felt cheated and betrayal by the world. It’s actually very humane to feel in this way as after all the struggles and hard work you are not being served what you deserve. You’ve made all your best moves or you might be waiting for the big opportunity to show your talent but, it’s not enough. It is never enough.

No one can guaranty you a safe, beautiful, secure and amazing future because no one will ever know this.

So, What should we do?

Absolutely NOTHING! Being lost is not a problem. It is a reminder to sit back and let the Universe do its wonders. Believe in your karma. Appreciate what you already have in life. Breathe at this moment and take all the little things as a gift of this world. There must be thousands of things you have someone might be wishing for.

What to do when you feel Lost?|Things to Remember when you feel Lost and Hopeless.

Believe Breathe Appreciate ❤

Wait for the signs and then go for it. Always remember your present situation is not the final destination, Best is yet to come.  Things cannot always be in your favor, too many efforts of doing something is a sign of impatience and hurry. Trust the process and keep yourself busy in making every day beautiful.

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Small steps at a time🐾

Learn to acknowledge the signs and Learn to rest.

Remind yourself that life is an unpredictable ride where you put your efforts and serve others with your warmth and love.

You’re doing okay, It’s all Okay!


Hare Krishna ❤🌻




Toxic Blood| Thick and Dark color Blood Causes and Symptoms

Blood is a liquid which is essential to our life. It helps in transporting all the nutrients and oxygen to the cells and also carries away all the waste products from body cells. It’s like whole life process and every second of work to keep us alive. We won’t be able to work properly If our blood is not doing its work efficiently.

Healthy blood is Bright red in color and thin in texture which means your blood is containing good oxygen level and flowing in your body by carrying all the good nutrients. On the other side, Unhealthy blood is being darker in color containing all the fat and toxins from the body.

What causes Toxic Blood?

  • Poor and Unhealthy Diet for a longer period of time: Eating a wholesome diet can save you and nourish for a healthy and joyful life. By not adding fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet will lead you to a lazy mind, body, and soul.
  • Less or No range of motion in your day to day activities: In this generation, work has become less physical and more mental which is constructing us towards the unhealthy and rusty body.
  • Not taking enough Liquids: Your body is more water than anything else. If you are not taking enough liquids in the form of watery fruits, Vegetables, and simply water then it will become a problem for your blood to work smoothly and releasing toxins.
  • Taking short breaths: As I mentioned above, Your blood has oxygen in it and it supplies it to all the other body parts too. Deep breaths help to increase the oxygen level in your blood. Taking short breaths or always staying in the closed spaces can be the cause of less oxygenated blood.
  • No Sweat: Less physical activities in your day to day life will not generate any sweat from your skin. No sweat means no release of toxins from skin cells which is really scary because your skin releases most of the toxins from the body and detoxify the blood.
  • Constipation: Our body absorb the nutrients and minerals from the side walls of intestines and when you start suffering from constipation your colon doesn’t get cleaned and your intestines start absorbing all the waste substance too.
  • Consuming Animal products in Diet: This one is the most important one. Animals are not always healthy. The pain and vibration they have seen before death is totally unkind and poor for anyone to consume. Eating a plant-based diet is far healthier than eating lives.
  • Smoking and Drinking Alcohol: Toxins directly enters into the body by consuming these addictive and harmful products. Long term effects are so dangerous.
  • Poor oral and physical hygiene: Cleaning yourself and your surroundings around help you inhaling and absorbing pure and fresh oxygen. The dirty body can be the home for the guests called bacteria and germs.
  • On medications for a longer time: Any medication has several side effects and causes you unnecessary complications. It affects your whole body in so many different ways and your body starts getting weaker and dependent on medicines.
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What are the Symptoms of Toxic Blood?

  • Skin problems: Skin is the largest eliminative organ which helps in eliminating toxins from the body in the form of Mucus, Sweat, Gas and body odor. An unhealthy body will use skin cells to remove all the toxins from the blood.
  • Poor Immunity: Immune system helps in the defense against infections and harmful toxins for the body. If you get sick more often and find difficult to live a happy cheerful life? You may have a darker and toxin full blood that means Poor Immunity.
  • Inflammation: Toxic and dirty blood cause inflammation in your body. Especially in your Joints, Digestive system, Fever, Fatigue, and Swelling.
  • Obesity: Heavyweight is a very known cause of many problems and sometimes it can be a symptom of some serious illness growing inside. Sometimes it’s just extra fat of body and you can reduce it because sooner or later it might take some form of diseases.

Read here How to Purify your Blood?| Detox your Blood Naturally


Have a happy living! 🙂

Hare Krishna❤

Constipation Cure Naturally without Laxatives|Yoga & Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is a very common gastrointestinal disorder can be experienced by anyone in their life. Timely defecation is not there, Difficulty in passing stool and feeling heaviness in the abdomen area. This consequential leads to many other diseases.

To treat any disease from its root you need to understand the causes and origin. Once you are able to understand your body, you can cure it completely naturally. Learn more about Constipation here Constipation and Bloating: Root Causes

Home Remedies:

  • Chapatti should be made of wheat containing chaff in it. Chaff contain all the fiber in it and really good for passing stool very easily. Do not separate it from the dough and CHew it properly.
  • Uncooked food shall be taken in your daily meal plan Like Sprouted cereals, Fruits, Vegetables.
  • Add fruits like Guava, Grapes, Papaya, Coconut, Spinach, Methi seeds, Cabbage, Apple, Cucumber, Carrot, Beetroot, Tomato, Wood apple, Walnuts, and figs. Try adding two to three fruits every day in your plate as it helps in good digestion and better poop. You can make a fruit salad or smoothie with most of them.
  • Lemon water and Coconut water should be taken and avoid having soda.
  • Juices of Fruits and vegetables like Cucumber, Bottle guard, White pumpkin, Carrot, and Spinach should be taken at least four times a week. It works amazingly to remove toxin substance from the intestine.
  • Raw Spinach can be taken in the morning, It cures chronic constipation in a few days.
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  • 20-50 Soaked raisins can be eaten daily in the morning along with its water.
  • Drink warm water with lemon at night for better motions in the morning.
  • Wheatgrass juice helps in treating chronic constipation.
  • Triphala powder also cleans up the colon and help in building clear and healthy intestine.
  • Drink water from a green bottle processed in sunlight. Trust this process, it works wonders in the constipated stomach.
  • Take buttermilk by adding black pepper, roasted cumin seeds(Jeera), Dry mint leaves in it.
  • Take Psyllium(Isabgol) two spoons with normal temperature milk or yogurt for instant relief.


  • On an empty stomach for 20-25 minutes apply wet mud pack or wet pack.
  • Take a hip bath regularly at normal temperature water.
  • For a few days take enema regularly.
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Yoga and Exercises:

  • After meals sit in Vajrasana for five minutes. Vajrasana- The Source of Control if Vajrasana is practiced after waking up in the morning then clearing bowels to become easy.
  • In the morning take a walk for three to four kilometers. If you are unable to go for a walk in the morning go anytime a day, Take the walking path to reach and not transport, take stairs and not an escalator.
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  • Practice Yoga every day for 20 minutes a day. It helps in moving your body muscles and intestinal walls, contraction helps in passing stool easily.
  • Practice Asana like Sarpasana, Urdhvahastottanasana, Katichakrasana, Udrakarshasana, Vajrasana, Mandukasana, Kakasana, Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana, Malasana and Padhastasana.


  • Sitting for a long time in the same position and not sitting with a back straight.
  • Eating late at night.
  • Drinking water just after and in between the meals.
  • Not adding food rich in fiber or removing fiber from the flour and fruits by taking off the peel.
  • Chilli, spicey and fried food should be avoided.
  • Eating fast and not taking time to chew it properly.
  • Avoid eating fruits like Banana and Pomegranate.
  • Stop taking Maida (fine flour).
  • Do not lie after taking heavy meal and take a few minutes of walk.
  • Heavy food at night as your body will not be moving enough at night and it should be easily digestible.
  • Eating all the time and not taking enough gaps in between your meal. Be on weekly fast so that your body takes time to heal and rest from digestion.


Have a happy day!

Hare krsihna ❤

Constipation and Bloating: Root Causes

Constipation itself is not a disease but can be an invitation to many diseases.

Constipation and Bloating are raising graph day by day in today’s world. It is really easy and normal to get difficulty in passing stool, Feeling bloated in the stomach and that too can cause your stomach to doubled in the size. Timely defecation is not there, it is less in quantity or with hardened pieces in it.

Gross! I know but, Shit happens and when it doesn’t happen you feel heaviness and down all day. It is really irritating, After passing stool, the feeling of lightness is not experienced. The tongue becomes Dry or white. This consequently leads to many other diseases and their symptoms occur like: Bad breath, Loss of appetite, Headache, Laziness, Under Eye Circles, Nausea, Pimples, Ulcer in the mouth, Acidity, Irritation, Gout, Cataract in the eyes, High blood pressure, Arthritis, Colon cancer etc. Constipation is the mother of all disease.

To treat any problem we first need to pay attention to its root causes so that we can cure it and not just treat it by medications. Your body itself has all the abilities to heal.

Let’s learn some really important causes of Constipation and Bloating and Be aware of them:

Eating Habits

Poor eating habits are one of the most important and obvious causes of Constipation. Not eating on time. Heavy food is taken. Not chewing your food properly. Eating processed and unhealthy food. Using more oil in food. Eating more Flour and not eating enough greens. Food without roughage(Fiber). These are are the eating disorders are mainly causing your upset stomach, bloating and constipation.

Lack of Physical Activities

Our lifestyle requires too much sitting and not moving much in this generation of rich technology. Physical activities require for easy passing of stool. For good digestion of food, you need to take those extra steps of stairs, workout for some time a day and overall be active with your routine.

Insufficient Intake of Liquids and Greens

Do you know that eating an equal amount of veggies and fruits in your diet helps you a lot in passing that toxic stool from your intestine? Well, Now you do, It really helps. Add fruits and vegetables in your diet rich in fiber especially. Drink plenty of water in a day so your body won’t get dry and hardened the thing.


Sometimes too much of medications cause upset stomach, bloating and constipation. One of the side effects of medications is constipation most of the time because of Medication cause dryness in our body and that made it hard to pass the toxic from our body. Keep your body hydrating with liquids and watery vegetables and fruits when on medications.


Many people are suffering from chronic constipation since their birth and its nothing to do with your body and food very often. Sometimes constipation run in families and there is surely a reason behind it. It could be anything like a food allergy. Pay attention to your meal and notice your poop accordingly. Add what suits your body the best and skip the foods doesn’t suit your bowel.

Lifestyle Disorder

This is one of the biggest cause of constipation in this fast and rapid generation. Lifestyle has so fluctuated that there is no time table of eating, sleeping, and working. People are ignoring the urge to poop and too lazy to go sit and make efforts. Going to bed late, eating late and waking up late are the simply big causes of constipation.

Anxiety and Depression

Your nervous system and bowels work constantly in a manner to maintain your health. Thought can be toxic and so can be your bowels. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression than you are releasing different hormones in your body and that is triggering hormonal imbalance.


Pay attention to all the above causes and be the care taker of your own health.

Hare Krishna ❤

What to do when you feel Lost?|Things to Remember when you feel Lost and Hopeless.

Do you often feel that your life has no purpose? You are counting days of your life and slowly becoming a burden on this planet?

Then read this.

“A perfect life is just right there”. Have you heard of this motivational thought of having and dreaming? They are nothing but just the illusions of life and an idea of “How life should be lived?”. There is no perfect life possible. There is no perfect being possible. The one who knows that this time is the only perfect thing to cherish… always lives the most peaceful and joyful life possible. You ain’t lost, my love. You are learning… You are coming back home…

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Here are some really good reminders to remind yourself daily:

Being Lost is Normal

In this world where everyone is figuring out there shit together and sometimes pretend to have a very happy balanced life. Making every effort and spending all days and energy in doing something that will transform their lives in a more smooth and perfect path “YOU CAN BE LOST”

Lost doesn’t mean you are less than anyone

Yes! And there is nothing like feeling less than others. No one is superior and No one is lesser than anyone. We all are not the same either but, We all are unique in every manner and aspect.

You only need to believe all over again.

There come times in our lives where we feel extremely recharged, full of potential and powerful that we believe that we can do anything we want. We speak ideas, we create lights, we spread awareness or we just go with the flow. Why?! Because We Believe. When this belief goes out of the picture, we start feeling lost as we don’t have any purpose to live by, we are saddened that our plans didn’t work out.

Take your time and just breathe.

There is no sun shining all day, there is a night too. We will not appreciate the Sun if there will be no night. As alike you cannot shine your light all the time, If you wanna sit back, hold your breath and just wanna be there living? Please BE!

You are not answerable to everyone

The ones who are saying “Oh! so you gave up” Let them talk and don’t pour your precious energy to the useless arguments. It’s always okay to feel little lost because to be honest no one is figured out there shit yet. This is a full time forever ride which will never gonna be filled with needs and wants.

Appreciate today and Plant hopes for tomorrow

Not knowing what to do next is a sign to sit back in silence appreciate what you have and Let the Universe do its wonders for yourself. Things cannot always be aligned in your path. There are simply many other ways than your goals. Make a room in your heart with full of possibilities.

Forgive and Let it go…

There are many people and connections in our lives leave us alone with a feeling of a worthless being. We may have poured us with all the love and efforts but, still, it doesn’t work well and now life is not making any sense to you? It’s Okay. Life is actually senseless and millions of important questions are unanswered to this world. Remember this, A love given is never wasted.  Let it go and start paying attention to your thoughts. You’ll become what you will think.

You are not alone, You have you.

As long as you are there for yourself, you can do wonders. Self-companion is the best companion possible. Believe in your prayers, Believe in your hard works, Believe in a magical tomorrow and Believe in YOURSELF.

It’s okay if you fall down and lose your spark.

It’s okay if you made the worst choices.

It’s okay if you feel that everyone is living a better life than you do.




Hare Krishna ❤