Everything about Fasting|Ways, Requirements, and Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a part of and a super beautiful way of life. This is an ancient and effective means of maintaining good health or restore the best health possible. That is why it is necessary for well and unwell too. As it has exceptional importance from the health point of view, and it has also got a place in all religious folds. Hindu perform fasting as a ritual. Fasting benefits are amazingly fruitful in today’s life.

The religious implications of fasting could be various, but the most aim is to eradicate the disease from the body. For diseased, it is like a Life-saving drug.

Lately, doctors in the west have also positively supported it, that the effect of medicines worth thousands of rupees is the same as the derived from fasting for a while.

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Ways of Fasting

Simply do not take any type of food the whole day from sunrise to another sunrise. You can drink water as much as your body requires. Lemon juice can be taken. If one is unable to fast completely? may take fruits and vegetable juices throughout a day.

Fasting can be done for a day or many days. Everyone should fast once a week. A longer period of fasting is depended upon the various disease and body condition with the proper directions.

Never break a fast by eating solid(heavy) food all of a sudden. Orange juice, Sweet lemon juice, Grape juice or some other fruit or vegetable juice should be taken.

A short duration fast could be broken by eating fruits. These days people breakfast by eating heavy foods which prove harmful rather than beneficial.

Requirement while Fasting

Air- While fasting fresh air with maximum oxygen should be inhaled for full benefits to destroy fifth in the body.

Bath and Cleanliness- While fasting filth from within settles down on the skin pores, mouth, nose, ears, and reproductive organs. That is why bathing and maintaining cleanliness is necessary. The tongue and teeth should be cleaned a number of times during the day.

Clothes- While fasting and also otherwise clothes are worn should be light, made of cotton and airy.

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Exercise- While fasting exercise only as much as you can bear, like a walk, light exercise, etc.

Enema- While fasting for internal cleaning enema is essential.

Mental Effects- While fasting does not permit any kind of worry, guilt, anger, fear, disappointment or complication to bother you.

Sunshine- While fasting the body must be exposed to the sunshine in the morning for 15-20 minutes.

Silence- While Fasting maintaining silence is beneficial.

Rest- While fasting there should be mental and physical rest.

Dry rubbing- While fasting rubbing the whole body is very useful.

{Note- There is some disease that prohibits fasting example Diabetes and Tuberculosis.}

Benefits of Fasting


This the main purpose of fasting “Detoxifying”. Our energy gets utilized in extracting elements causing ailments in the body, relieved from the task of digestion. We know the process of digestion is continuously going on in our body.

The nourishing is continuously going in our body. The nourishing elements of food get assimilated in the form of flesh, marrow, blood, etc. and remaining stuff is excreted out in the form of stool, urine, and cough. Even then some of the contaminated waste remains in the body and gradually accumulates to create toxins and cause diseases. To take out these toxins from the body we resort to fasting. When we eat food the work of excreting is neglected.

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Strengthen the organs

Fasting provides strength to organs. Churning takes separate place in the body. Nourishing products get separated and reach strong tissues of the body. Waste product and accumulated toxins flow into the excretory organs, to take them out of the body get fulfilled.

Provide Rest to Body

While you fast, you give rest to the digestive organs including the stomach, small intestines, large intestines, etc, Your body will do other works done like healing the defected organs and remove all the impurities from the body.

Clean the System

While fasting cleaning of the body takes place all by itself. Germs breeding in toxins within our body causing disease take their nourishment from the food we consume. Most of these germs, fungi, and bacteria cannot survive without food for a long time. Fasting gets these germs to starve and start perishing. This way diseases of abdomen get cured easily.

{ A person takes a fully balanced and uncooked diet need not fast as much as the one who eats heavily. For a person consuming a diet full of fats and proteins, fasting is a must.}


Hare Krishna ❤

Freedom from Tension and Stress|9 effective ways to say Bye-Bye to Stress

Without wasting a single minute, Here are the simple, super effective and gentle ways to say bye-bye to stress and not just deal with it. One should never deal with the stress and always show it the way out of your mind and body. We can be free in this world but, in mind, anyone could be caged and freedom from stress and tension is necessary to live a happy life. Stressful life is never a happy life because come on! we all know how bad it could be to our mental and physical health.

Learn more about stress and it’s dangerous effects on health How Stress affects your Body?|Number of Diseases caused by Stress

Positive Attitude towards life

Believe it or not! A negative mind can never give you a positive life. Stop feeding your energy to unnecessary negative thoughts, people and situations. You will have what you pour your energy to, Positive things will happen once you start paying attention to what’s good and not on what’s bad could happen. Start your day with positive thought and Stress will fly out of your window. How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day


Good things come to those who sweat because why not?! It is proven that exercise can help you release stress and cure it fully. It could be of any kind Jogging, Running, Cardio and the best Yoga. While you workout you release the chemical substance from the brain that helps you relax your whole body and mind. Say yes to that feeling of joy Every Damn Day!!! Easy and Effective Yoga poses for full-time workers| Yoga for Tired Body and Mind


Whatever you hold is holding you down. Forgiveness will not change the past for sure but, it will enlarge your future. Let it all go. There is life ahead for you and every day is a new opportunity. Holding it down will give you pain and toxic thoughts. Free yourself from this undeserving pain. Forgive and breathe.

Practice Gratitude

Whatever you have today is a dream for someone. It’s not always about the money, wealth or fame but, simply this life. This is the best gift you have and you should cherish it every day. Why? Because every moment spent here can be the liveliest in times. You are the blessed child of this universe and use this beautiful journey in joy and love and not waste in useless stress. 🙂

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Spend time in Nature

Nature is us and we are nature as simple as that. Spend time in nature and you will heal yourself completely. It helps you release all those stress and tension giving elements from the body. Do gardening, Smell flowers, Watch trees, Observe birds and there are millions more. Breathe my love. ❤ Why do we feel good with Nature?| How spending time in nature helps you?


Meditation is not like going places and meditate on the hills, not like leaving everything behind and went in search of Samadhi. Meditation is as simple as breathing but, it takes time and all your attention. You just need to watch your breath giving your life every moment. Mediation helps you become you and more you every day. What is meditation?

Food Choices

We are what we eat. If you eat mindfully you will notice every change food causes to your body both mentally and physically. Observe your food choices and how they affect you. Eat food which has life inside it like fruits and vegetables that will give a sense of joy and lightness and not some dead flesh of innocent animals. It will never give you satisfaction. Make changes and you will see the difference. 19 Healthiest Food To Add In Your Day-Today Meal|Top Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables for Hydration


Learn to rest. It is as much important as your work. It’s okay to feel tired and asking for help. Rest will provide you energy both mentally and physically to deal with the situations better and with more focus. Take care of yourself as you take care of others. You are important too. Show some love to yourself and relax. 🙂

Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body

Mindful Breathing

Breath has the most powerful force of this world and it is the only thing we have until we die and rest in peace. Take 5-10 minutes in a day and breath deeply. Feel your warmth and remind yourself daily that Life is happening and you will make every day worth with your big smile and love energy. ❤



Hare Krishna 🙂



Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body

REST- Recharge Evolve Shine and Transform

Learn to rest, it is so important. As work, exercise and other things are necessary for good health, so is relaxation. After eating and a long period of the hard work body demands rest. A person is exhausted by hard work, mental tension or emotional trauma recovers his/her energy and strength by resting.

There is no better remedy of exhaustion than rest. Both mental and physical rest is required to live a better and happy life. In our society, today rest is not appreciated and taken as a sign of laziness or weakness. Is that true?

Absolutely not! In this race of running and achieving we forget to cherish this life. Spending our days in worrying, Wishing and working on our dreams, wants and necessities that we forgot to rest and simply be in this moment of life. Taking this life for granted and Believing that this will not be going to end one day. No one is immortal and the hourglass is upside down for everyone.


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Ways you can recharge yourself:

  • Sleep

Sleeping is the best means of rest. It helps you recover from the loss whether it is mental or physical. Your body works to heal you completely in sleep. Everyone needs a night of sleep and one should sleep 6 hours a day without getting interrupted. Sleep on time and do not change your sleep schedule, Give it a priority.

  • Meditate

Generally, people rest physically but mental rest is far from them. For a while you can stop giving rest to your body but, your mind needs rest to work. Mind and body work together in a matter to give each other energy and happy life.

What is meditation?

  • Shut down the world

Off your phone, Log out from social media, Avoid spending time on TV, Laptop and all other things that take your energy and pour it into the outside world. Save it for a while and spend time with yourself, nature and love ones only. Be in the moment and breathe 🙂

Spending time with nature gives you the ultimate bliss of mind and body you know why? Because you yourself are nature and it is like getting back home.

Why do we feel good with Nature?| How spending time in nature helps you?

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  • Mindful breathing

Believe me! Mindful breathing for at least 5-10 minutes a day will relax your whole body. You can do it anywhere. Yes! on your office table too. Stop your work for a while. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe mindfully. Breathe is the link between your mind with your body. Breathe deep and no one can steal your peace from you.

  • Savasana

Yoga helps you relaxing the whole body and if you are not feeling like moving then you can practice mindful stretches, openings, and savasana. Be present on the mat and surrender yourself to this magical universe. You are here, You are enough and You are alive. Celebrate your life today. ❤


Hare Krishna 🙂

How to attract Happiness in your life?| Why no one is completely Happy?|Happiness is a State of Mind

When we see things around us, we always see something sad, hurtful or unfaithful. We cannot mark one person completely happy and there is always something that makes one sad and unhappy. Why?

Because it’s always easier to get sad than happy. In our life, Sadness can enter from any door to our heart. As we’ve always been scared, negative and predictable about what bad could happen. Isn’t it? That’s surely a way to invite sorrows by continuously talking, thinking and worrying about them.

The secret of happiness is nothing but, just simple thing to understand that happiness has nothing to do with external things, people, materials or successes. They all are very well equipped illusions that make you go for them in search of happiness. Happiness is a state of mind.

Let me tell you something.





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If that will make you feel better or you can resonate with this…

Yes, this is the real truth because happiness has nothing to do with the external world. It is all within. If you practice gratitude, you can be happy in the saddest moments of your life.

Why no one is actually happy?

“As long as your greed is stronger than compassion, There will be always suffering”- Rusty Eric

Example: You think that a person who doesn’t have a big house, loving spouse, expensive car or whatever you dream of… cannot be happy. You will never gonna be happy until you reach this target of your life. If you won’t have it after all the hard work? You will consider yourself as the most unlucky person. At the same time, if you manage to achieve them all? There are many chances you cannot be completely happy because in the process of achieving “You have built new dreams”.

It will never gonna end and you will never be satisfied and completely happy. Meanwhile, a person who is grateful for this life and thanks to God every day for this breathing alive body is happier than the one who always complains.

The one who knows that “there is nothing to be owned and then nothing can be lost” will be the happiest in times.

Where can we find happiness than?


I repeat…It’s all within.

Balance your thoughts and do not take this journey seriously, accept your mistakes, learn from them, cherish every day and be positive with whatever comes in your path.

Positivity is the key. Learn to be positive here How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day

Do not let this world fool you and misguide you through your own journey.

You have this life and you can live it happily as long as you are here. You have enough. You are enough.

Live Laugh and Love. ❤

Hare Krishna 🙏

How Stress affects your Body?|Number of Diseases caused by Stress

We are living in times where almost every person has at least one disease and people are finding ways of living with it. Mindlessly depending upon the number of medicines and steroids. We have reached places and living in the most developed generation in history but, the sickest also.

The young generation is pressuring themselves for the stupidest things and choosing the path of suicidal thoughts at the earliest stage of life. The stats of suicides, depression, anxiety, and mental health issues are increasing so rapidly that we can’t even see the problem actually. We are only finding a cure for it. Just like that, Take a pill.

How stress affects your body?

First, we need to understand that our body has a nervous system that balance and maintain the overall working of our body internally and externally. When we are happy, our body is in healthiest state and when we get sad our body is in the worst state. How?

Our nervous system creates that extra energy whenever we get angry, disappointed or sad to fight with the situation and win but, that extra energy creates a rise in our body glucose level and blood pressure unnecessarily.

Early men/women body was doing great without any disease because it was meant to fight for life and hunt. They spent their energy in livelihood. Today, that energy gets stored in our body because you cannot kill someone for giving you stress. It ends up building in and form a disease. Every disease has something relating to your mental condition.

Number of Diseases caused by tension or stress:

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Indication and Signs of Stress or Tension

Main causes of Mental tension or Stress

There are many causes of mental disturbance and tension depend from people to people. It also depends upon the environment they live in and the family background. Sometimes it is also based on heredity factors. Sharing some main and common causes of stress in your body and mind.

  • Not following your Heart

Doing something you don’t love or enjoy is a waste of time and energy. Either make it enjoyable or leave it. Life is too short to live under pressure and do not let your heart be open. Breathe deeply and live every minute of it. It’s okay if you have less, that’s actually big 🙂

  • Comparison with other lives

Life has become so much comparing and judging others lives that we forget to enjoy it. There is nothing you can have that will complete you, despite you. You are enough and unique in this world. Appreciate this life and smile.

  • Negative Attitude

In this world there is nothing good or bad only thinking makes it so. Our perception attributes goodness and evil inside us. We create our own reality and attract the goodness in our lives. Think happy thoughts.

  • Fear of Failure

We all fear something and its an illusion of what could go wrong if we failed badly? Imagine the choices you have made if you won’t fear of falling. There is nothing wrong in falling, you will learn and grow. Keep doing what you like.

  • Failure in sexual and love relationships

Being cheated on, rejection or failure in a relationship sometimes left the deepest wounds that cannot be treated easily but, Only love the energy to fill those cuts with life again. Healing does take time, surrender and acceptance but the other side is so beautiful. Keep your chin high and face reality. You worth abundance. ❤

  • Less real and more Virtual life

Living a real life is so hard these days that people tend to spend their half day looking, comparing, judging and letting thoughts of others affect them and their life unconsciously. Be more aware of where you put your precious energy into and live mindfully.


Hope this will help.🙏

Breathe ❤

Hare Krishna🌿💫🌞

How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day

Life is full of ups and downs and I don’t have to prove you how negative thoughts and situation could be around us in a day to day life. We all seek positivity and that’s the only way we can be feel happy and sense of calmness all the time.

What if I tell you… Its all within only. Only you can change your world completely by being that extra positive towards life. Unbelievable things will happen once you change your thoughts.

Without wasting your time for one another minute, let’s share 20 amazing tips, ways and reminders with you to be that source of amazing energy.

  1. Remember situations with extreme conflicts are a true test for human beings.

  2. Remember a critic is our friend and does good for us in life, that criticism makes us alert that we should work more efficiently.

  3. Remember every circumstance is a new opportunity to learn something new, don’t take it for granted. Cherish every moment.

  4. Everything has a dual meaning; Adapt whichever is good and let go of the negative one.

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  5. Remember failure is necessary, without going down you cannot taste the awesomeness of heights.

  6. Accept changes with wide open arms, they are the only way of life.

  7. Do not look at the faults always, look for the positive aspects of a situation as well as a person’s.

  8. Choose the work that makes you happy rather than that pays you some extra pounds.

  9. Whenever you meet someone, Do not talk about the sorrows and the problems of life. Be with them for the moment and share happiness.    

  10. Take Interest in other’s thought as welcome the other ideas.

  11. Place yourself in the other person’s situation and then decide.

  12. Ignore small bad things and focus on small good things.

  13. Practice gratitude every day, What you have is always good.

  14. Develop the habit of encouraging others.

  15. Watch your words for others as well as for yourself. 

  16. Read good books, Watch good movies, Spend time with the people who always give you something to learn.

  17. Whenever a negative thought comes, say “NO” and change it into a positive one.

  18. Take long deep breathes whenever you feel negative and remind yourself goodness.

  19. Smile at yourself in the mirror every day after waking up and going back to sleep.

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  20. Every night before going to sleep remind yourself “I am alive and I will make tomorrow more beautiful”



Wishing you loads and loads of positivity…

Hare Krishna 🙂

Yoga for Ingestion, Acidity, and Constipation| Yoga Poses for Digestive problems

Acidity is one chronic condition when your stomach, abdomen and food pipe suffer from the burning sensation. This burning sensation could be slight to severe.

Where Indigestion causes gas formation in the stomach which passes out repeatedly from the anus or get retained within, this causes gastric trouble in the body.

Acidity and Indigestion are two different problems but, their causes are quite the same.

Similar Causes:

They both have trigger points like Constipation, Fried/spicy food, Not chewing the food properly, Unbalanced diet, Mental tension, Worry and Excessive use of salt and sugar.

Learn more about Constipation and Bloating: Root Causes

Yoga for Acidity, Gas trouble and Indigestion

  • Pawanmuktasana


Benefits: It tones and massages the entire abdominal and pelvic region, including the pancreas and stomach for better digestion. It helps to release extra air from the body and relieves gastric issues.

Contra-indications– People who suffer from serious back issues and high blood pressure should avoid.

  • Balasana


Benefits: This asana stretches and strengthens the back muscles. This pose relieves constipation, Gastric issues, and back pain. Shashankasana- A Way to Surrender

Contra-Indications: Not to be performed by people with high blood pressure and slipped disc.



  • Dhanurasana


Benefits: This posture is very useful for lower back muscles and massages the whole abdominal area. Releases the tension from the stomach and respiratory disorders.

Contra-indications: Hernia, High blood pressure, colitis and ulcer should completely avoid. High blood pressure can find a cure here:- Yoga and Home remedies for “High Blood Pressure”


  • Shalbhasana


Benefits: It tones and balances the functioning of the liver, stomach, bowels and other abdominal organs and stimulates the appetite. Tightness the muscles from the abdominal area.

Contra-indications- Should not be practiced by people with weak heart, Coronary thrombosis, hernia, ulcer, intestinal tuberculosis, and high blood pressure.


  • Bhujangasana


Benefits: This asana helps in toning the ovaries and massages the whole abdomen area including kidney and liver. It stimulates the appetite and alleviates constipation.

Contra-indications: People suffering from ulcer, hernia and serious back condition should only practice in guidance.

  • Naukasana


Benefits: This asana stimulates the muscular, digestive, circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems and tones all the organs.



Hare Krishna ❤




Ending relationships mutually for growth? Read this.

Love- the most beautiful feeling of this world.

How it all started?

When love happens, Lovers consider themselves as the luckiest being of the world and forget everything. They choose each other completely and fall for each other flaws and qualities. They were not the same but, they wanted to become one like rivers. That’s how they start their chapter of love life.

After sometime when they are happily becoming one and starting to love each other more. This is the most beautiful phase where you just cuddle and kiss each other’s souls all the way up. Honestly, be there for the love only.

When you’ve become one and shouted out to the world that this is the love you were wishing for and now this will be your FOREVER!.

Is it forever always?

Sadly, this doesn’t happen in most of the cases. Very soon…that forever changed into let’s give each other some space. We are different and we are seeking for different paths. They choose separation for each other wellness. All of a sudden the love “which was fueling them” became the hurdle in their growth. They both seem to love their paths more and fear of many things like boredom, suffocation, uninterest kicks in.

It doesn’t give you spark anymore?

Eveyday in life is diffrent and you cannot love everyday or be lovable for someone everyday. The essence of newness is beautiful and everybody craves it in their life. Once in a relationship there is nothing to discover? people likely to loses their interest in each other.

To see these things as a courageous decision like you still love each other but, you both want different things so you broke up. Courage or Weakness?

Was it even Love?

Love doesn’t happen like that, it takes time and limitless affection to build a love for another soul. Connections end like this? They do travel with you to all your coming lives. Separation can never be easy for your soul inside. Impact of pain travels with you.


I know you are here to live and grow but, how can you not grow and prove your love with all the hurdles? Love is the most magical and powerful force that can transform lives and make anything happen. Do you believe in your Love? Why did you ended it?

Should you stay always?

It’s easy to say “work on it” and “handin there” but, so hard to be there and feeling it. There is no need to be in a Toxic relationship no matter how beautiful it was once. Know the diffrence and take the decision.

If it doesn’t help you grow, bloom and breathe? It isn’t worth your energy.



Hare Krishna 💞🌙


Yoga for Women’s Health| Yoga to Increase Fertility in the Women

Infertility is not a fault of women or men and can happen to everyone around the world. It is when two people want to conceive and get pregnant and sadly unable to. Unprotected sex for one year and not able to conceive is a major sign of infertility.

It can be because of male and female or either only one of them. Mensurational disorder and some reproduction problem can cause infertility. PCOS/PCOD is among from them and the chart of having this is increasing day by day. Learn more here How to treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Naturally with Yoga

Yoga helps you stay strong, flexible, balanced and fit. Moreover, It is a lifestyle. Yoga is one beautiful way too distressing your mind and body completely. Helps you relax your muscles and nerves internally as well as externally. Let’s learn some amazing yoga asana for fertility.

Yoga Poses to increase fertility



Bhujangasana is the most effective asana for a women’s body. This asana helps in improved breathing and deepen it. It is great for the spine as well as the abdomen area. It tones the ovaries and uterus and helps in menstrual and many gynecological disorders.

Practice Guide:

  • Inhale while rising up.
  • Breathe normally in the final position.
  • Exhale while coming down
  • Repeat this for 5 round, gradually increasing the length of time in final position.

(Contra-Indication: People suffering from Hernia, Peptic ulcer, Intestinal tuberculosis, Hyper Thyroidism should not practice without competent teacher)



This asana helps in massaging all the internal organs including the abdomen area. Activates your body system and promotes it to work properly. Also great for digestion and relieving constipation.

Practice Guide:

  • Inhale while in the lying position.
  • Retain breath inside while assuming the final position
  • Breath slowly and deeply in final position.
  • Hold this asana for 15 seconds at first, gradually increase the time and breaths.

(Contra-indications: Should not be practiced by people suffering from a hernia, Slipped disc, sciatica, high blood pressure and especially arthritis of neck)



This asana stretches the hamstring muscles and increase the flexibility in the hip joints. It tones and massages the entire abdominal and pelvic region, including liver, pancreas and genitals system.

Practice guide:

  • Inhale in the starting position.
  • Exhale slowly while bending forward.
  • Breath slowly and deeply in the final position.
  • Perform this asana up to 5 round and hold gradually.

(Contra-Indications: People suffer from Slipped Disk, Sciatica and Hernia should avoid this asana completely.)



Chakarasana strengthens the legs. It is beneficial to the nervous system, Cardiovascular and glandular system. It influences all the hormonal secretions and helps relieve various gynecological disorders.

Practice Guide:

  • Inhale in the starting position.
  • Retain the breath inside while rising the body up.
  • Breath normally in the final position.
  • Exhale while coming down
  • Perform this asana as long as you feel comfortable only, Do not strain.

(Contra-Indications- Should not be practiced in illness, weakness, weak back, weak wrist, during pregnancy or while feeling tired)



This asana stimulates the muscular, digestive, circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems. Tones all the abdominal organs and really useful for elimination nervous system tension.

Practice Guide:

  • Inhale before raising the body.
  • Retain the breath while holding this asana.
  • Exhale while lying down.
  • Practice 5 rounds and increases further gradually.



This asana is extremely beneficial for the digestive and reproductive systems. It stretches the intestine and tone abdomen organs. It is really helpful for hormonal imbalance and people suffering from asthma.

Practice Guide:

  • Breath normally.
  • Do not try to breathe deeply because the chest area is already wide stretched.

(Contra-Indications- People with severe back ailments such as lumbago should practice only in the presence of competent teacher)



Happy yoga 🙂

Hare Krishna ❤