Navel center displacement Reasons|Symptoms|Self-testing|Yoga

Navel center is considered to be the center of all organs of a human body. Solar plexus where all the body organs meet through various ways and keep the body subtle and flexible. Origin of Manipura chakra in yogic aspects.  It controls our energy to strengthen and consolidate our health.

Approximately 7 cm beneath the navel an egg shaped lump of flesh is there. From there 72,864 nerves(nadi) are spread all over the body. It is normally pulled by some tissues, which keep it in place. If for any reason there these tissues get pulled by some other force the navel gets displaced and starts causing many health issues.


Displacement of navel can happen to anyone at any time in life. There are various physical reasons that can displace your center of the body.

  • Running without warming up.
  • Lifting heavy weight with a jerk.
  • Putting pressure on one side of the body.
  • Staying empty stomach for a longer period of time.
  • Eating heavy food all of a sudden after fasting.
  • Dehydration.
  • Uncomfortable Sexual activity.


  • If the navel is displaced upward then the following disease occurs- Constipation, Heart trouble, difficulty breathing, pain in back and palpitations.
  • If the navel is displaced downwards then it causes loose motions, night fall, indigestion and pain in abdomen area.
  • If the navel is displaced is a side like left or right it causes continuous pain inside the stomach and while keeping back straight.


Here are some signs that may assure you have navel displacement.

  • You are not able to bend forward and cannot touch your feet or even knee.
  • Pain in stomach which is different from digestive issues.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Vomiting and nausea are the most common signs of navel displacement. Usually happen whenever you eat or drink something.
  • When you press around your navel you feel throbbing(something like a heart beat) above or below navel. Use as most accurate way to know your navel position.

(Generally displacement of navel is considered normal and this issue resolve within 2-3 days but, when it acquires serious dimensions then it cannot be cured by modern medicines. Only yogic exercises can easily rectify it.)





Displaced navel can be the reason of pain while you bend forward. Go slow and try to touch ground with your finger tips. Ancient  people perform this posture to bring back the navel to its actual place. Highly recommended. Practice this asana for 5 minutes. Do not force your body and use your breath to get into this posture. Easy and slow.


Janu Sirshasana


Slowly bend forward while exhaling. Keep your back straight and try to reach for your knee with your forehead. Take your time and do not rush. This asana usually be performed when your navel is displaced is right or left. Practice from both side for equal amount of time.


Note- Practice these asanas empty stomach and avoid if you have serious back problems, hernia or heart diseases.)

Many blessings🌸💛💫

Hare Krishna 🙌

Signs you are ready for “Marriage”

If you are here then there must be something you are looking for to guide you into the decision of marriage. Honestly, no one can really take charge of you. I’ll suggest you believe in your intuition. Marriage is a big and beautiful promise to make for a lifetime. Sometimes you are not ready for this step, sometimes you are not sure and sometimes you are ready but, need approval. Being your well-wisher here.

Let me share the signs that tell you if you are ready.


We all know marriage comes with some sweet and sour changes in life. You are not that single individual wolf who roam around the house with no worries(not anymore) or you can do it sometimes but, that’s not the point. The point is when you live with a partner, you share the same place and you should be comfortable to live with. Owning your mess and respecting other’s living space should be in the priority. Believe me! Taking care of small things can do wonders in your married life. Mind your wet towel next time you stepped out of the shower.


Honestly speaking, you must be in deep, real and wild love before making the decision of marriage. There is no other way you could do this. You are making a promise of being his/her one and only. Respect keeps things working even when you seem to not like each other. You cannot like somebody all the time and that’s when respect holds your precious connection. Where there are love and respect, there is a happy married life.


Okay! No way to freak you out. It’s not like somebody is going to put you inside the jail or living cage. RESPONSIBILITY is the word, that makes people feel bound and unattractive for the definite person but, let’s see the positive side of it. You are taking responsibility for your loved one’s heart and nothing else. He/she is choosing you as the life partner and not others. Being kind and generous toward each other will help you live an awesome life.


Most important!!! No matter if you are a woman or a man. You must learn cooking before marriage because of dude!!! you guys need food to do stuff. I mean arguments, fights and all 😍 Kitchen is the place where there is an open door of each other’s heart every damn time. Who doesn’t like delicious food!?


Picturing yourself as a loving husband/wife is the first step our mind does when we think of marriage. Live that picture, get involved in that imaginative life, believe in your intuitive power and lost yourself living it without any fear and thinking. Ask yourself. Are you happy there? You know the person better than anyone in this world and that is your superpower to choose whether it’s the right choice or not.

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Well well well. Here we are at the most exciting part of marriage life. Only if you like to learn new things. It could be anything from emotionally, spiritually and physically(if you know). The charm of marriage life is this when everyone wants to taste it but, these days not everyone is much courageous to take the load. Yea! That’s why we are here. Be open to new possibilities and be always ready to learn and teach each other goodness.


We all know, there is a sense of security in marriage life. To keep life balanced and stable many times we choose marriage. It could be because of anything like you are tired of…example- stupid relationships or sense of loneliness. Marriage is a wonderful path to share with someone you adore❤


It’s not about how similar choices you both have or how perfect you are for each other because you both can be totally opposite and weird but, still in love with each other madly. What works for the relationship is respect and love (back to point number 2). You must be each other friends and not owners to admire this bond gracefully.🧡

Remember- Love them and set them free.✨


Many blessings xx

Hare Krishna 🌙


Basic rules of Yoga practice

Yoga is a beautiful union with self. It is powerful, energetic and life-changing to many people who do yoga practice every day but, to avoid the unwanted effects there are some basic rules and guidelines in a yoga practice that everyone should keep in mind.

Let’s acknowledge rules we should follow in yoga:

  • Yoga and meals

Do not eat immediately after doing asana or vice versa. Have meals after an hour of doing asanas or perform asanas after at least three hours of having a meal. A gap in between your meal and yoga practice is very important for your body wellness. You can sip a small cup of water before, during and after the asanas. The body should be hydrated enough to practice asana and your lips shall never dry while practicing yoga asana. Yoga Asana should be performed after passing stool on an empty stomach to avoid unnecessary pressure on the abdomen that can cause a disturbance in your digestive system like- Vomit, gastric issues, acidity, etc.

  • Time

Time should be appropriate for doing any asana. Honestly, I personally feel that yoga should be done only with the sunrise and sunset with namaskaram to the powerful force of this universe. You will feel relaxed, energized and released after practicing yoga. Mind that it should not be done when your body needs rest, you can do some stretching to release the tension.

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  • Place

Asana should be performed in the open, relaxing, calm and peaceful environment so that you feel comfortable and undisturbed. Choose a place close to nature where you can get the fresh air and feel grounded. It is necessary because of deep inhalations. If doing it inside the roof, make sure it’s clean, dry and open. You can place a small plant inside and light up an incense stick for the mood. Basically, do what makes you feel comfortable and helps you connect to yourself.

  • Clothes

Asana should be done with fewer clothes possible. Do it bare body if you can. It should not be done in those expensive tight and breathless leggings. Wear cotton clothes and should be loose enough so that your body is allowed to move. Our body generates a certain kind of energy while doing this dynamic practice. Let all the tension, fear and burden come out from your tiny pores. Breathe freely. Live freely.

  • Safety

Asana should be done on a carpet or mat. Many times you can hurt yourself while pressuring your body towards the mat. Injuries are also very common in practicing yoga without any supported bottom especially in the beginning when you are gaining balance and control over your body parts.

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  • Cleanliness

Before doing asanas have a bath. One who sweats too much should bathe after half an hour of doing yoga practice. It is suggested to never bathe while you are sweating. It imbalance the body temperature. First, cool down your body than step inside the water.

  • Right asana

Choose asana according to your body type, diseases(if any) and mental state. Example- one should not practice intensive asana with a tired body and instead of that, should practice asana which requires less energy but gives some deep relaxation to your mind and muscles. Easy and Effective Yoga poses for full-time workers| Yoga for Tired Body and Mind

  • Sequence and focus

Practice asana with both sides of your body with an equal amount of time period. While doing deep backbend and forward bends, must maintain the balance on the spinal cord and should not be in the hurry of reaching the final position. It will come with dedication, patience, and breath.

  • Cooldown

Savasana. It is very important to do savasana after your yoga practice for at least 5 minutes. Learn to do savasana correctly and you will feel the bliss of yoga. It is one beautiful way of calming the body and normalize your breathing with conscious awareness.

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Hare Krishna 🦋


Ujjayi Pranayama- The psychic breath Practice|Benefits|Precautions

The Sanskrit word Ujjayi means ‘Victorious’. The pranayama which gives freedom and bondage. It is also known as psychic breath or ocean breath because of the sound our throat creates while performing this pranayama. It leads to subtle states of mind and is used together with khechari mudra, the tongue lack, in tantric meditation such as manta japa, ajapa japa, and prana vidya.

Pranayama means the control of ultimate vital energy called Prana in our human body. Know more about Pranayama here Pranayama- The Ultimate Life’s Source

How to practice Ujjayi pranayama?

  • Sit in comfortable position or meditation asana.
  • Close your eyes and relax your whole body while breathing slowly and deeply.
  • Take your whole awareness of the breath and allow your breath to become calm and rhythmic.
  • take your awareness to your throat.
  • Feel that the breath is being drawn in and out through the throat.
  • As the breathing becomes slower and deeper, gently contract the glottis so that the soft snoring sound, like the breathing of a sleeping baby, is produced in the throat.
  • Both inhalation and exhalation of your breath should be long, deep and controlled.
  • The sound should be produced by the throat and should be audible to the practitioner alone.
  • Continue in this manner, counting a minimum of 10 breaths.
  • Take a deep breath in and out slowly to normal the breathing. Repeat this 5 times.
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  • All throat ailments (Glands in the neck, mumps, tonsilitis, goiter, and irritation in the throat are removed.
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are affected positively.
  • Blood is purified.
  • Kundalini power also gets stimulated by practicing ujjayi pranayama.
  • The practice soothes the nervous system and calms the mind.
  • It helps in problems like insomnia, nightfall, and depression.


  • Ujjayi should not be practiced with high blood pressure patients.
  • Ujjayi should not be practiced by the people who are too introverted by the natures it can affect their mood at that time and they left feeling uncomfortable or irritated.
  • Heart patients can simply avoid this.
  • Do not practice this pranayama in bad cold and high fever.


Learn more about Yogic Pranayama here General Guidelines For Pranayama Practitioner


Breath 🙂

Hare Krishna ❤



Money is NOT everything| Be Rich in LIFE

In today’s era, Money is something very important, necessary and useful…it has always been something for which people are killed and could kill. It’s one dangerous and valuable thing that can make your life luxuries, materialistic, easy, miserable and unaware. We all know how “Money” plays an important role in our lives. Sometimes more than real lives.

Clearly taking both the advantages and disadvantages on going mad for money but, I see more disadvantages because for money people are selling or buying anything and making new things they might won’t ever need. Global warming and Animal abuses are the biggest mishappenings caused by money (If we go in depths).

“Money is a thing but, not everything.”💵

We have been taught, seen and manipulated since birth about “how money is so important?” Without money, you are powerless, unheard, unimportant and unsuccessful. Is it really true? Or they are just perceptions of life? Such a wonderful yet, difficult topic to reveal. I’m doing my best every day to understand it widely and with my whole mindfulness.

Have you heard of this thought that “You are what you think and you become where you put your energy”? I’ve never read anything simply this truthful in life.🌿

If you will work for money, all you will have is money. Many people might be thinking here like, you know what? “That’s what I need!” Yeah! Gotcha but, do you see how these little pieces of paper making your life unconscious and unaware of the truth that it’s not what you were born for. For better understanding we all know how we human got birth on this planet and what we have is NOW and NATURE.

Money came later where the population increases and some inner devilish things takes existence like Comfort, Greed, Superiority, Selfishness and many others. Simply a way to exchange things and buy things we can’t make so we pay others to make it. Not a big theory to understand but, such a huge level of stupidity to make your life roam around things. Only THINGS?!.

Money is useful because we cannot do all the work by ourselves, okay I understand. (We might can. It includes growing your food and stitching your clothes). But, mindfulness is all you need to be aware of what’s happening? What these advertisements and big companies are showing you and attracting you for better living while spending those extra hours at work. Clearly not a better living. Stress and tension will make your life worth dying for. I’m sorry but, this is so true. Joyful living doesn’t requires you to be Rich, Powerful or Popular.

You must be thinking about who will pay those hospital bills when you’ll grow old? The answer is NO ONE. You might won’t need to be in hospital if you took good care for your mind, body and planet because, it’s not necessary to leave this world helplessly ill. You can die in peace.🙏


We can make it with two simple things only✨


The most important thing in this life you have is time and energy and not money. Money is useful only. The desires of a man will never be satisfied because he was seeing the results and he thought “He has time”.

If you spend all the time in making things perfect, when will you enjoy living? Constant efforts, limited vacations, and everything planned according to “Money making timetable” is no LIFE!

The world is roaming around dollars but, is it this important?

One more thing, “Money can buy you happiness” this is the new trendy thought of some people. Never believe in trends. Lol! Happiness is not something temporary. Happiness comes from within. It’s you. You can always be sad and live miserably by sitting in that luxurious car you have and you can be happiest in farms growing your own food.

How to attract Happiness in your life?| Why no one is completely Happy?|Happiness is a State of Mind

Is there was one single person died with all his money?

Is there was one single person became immortal?

Is there was one single person bought life with those extra dollars?

Ask yourself these questions before canceling on your family and friends. Remind yourself of these reminders before skipping your hobby. Maybe there are things that give you actual peace and joy in life. What if you will earn less? You will be happier and Rich in LIFE. 🙂


Being mindful will save you from you and this manipulative world.

You can be happy with all you have and what you can make.

Many blessings.

Hare Krishna 💙💛❤


Little Gratitude can change everything| Practice Gratitude every day

Long ago…There was a man named Prasad. He’s was a farmer and lives with her wife and old mother. Living simply he had never spent his day worrying or wondering about the better life he “Can” have. Prasad likes to take care of his mother and love his wife no matter what. The only motive he has was- Live in this moment and now.

At the same time. There was a man named Roshan. He used to live with his wife too. He was so rich and being an owner of large business, he always spends his day in making things more worthy. Having no time or very little time for his wife. He likes to invest his money all the time to double it and never had a moment of stillness in his life. Miserably unknown to this fact that the only things he is earning are “Money”.

It’s simpler to understand my concerns behind making up this story because there are actually many “Roshan” and very less “Prasad”. Both came in this world with nothing and will leave it without a single thing but, it’s a little gratitude that makes Prasad millions of times wiser than any other person.

Gratitude is a key to happiness and a state of being. Nowadays it’s so hard to find peace in this chaos. Where the world is going crazy… many of us think that Running for more is the only way of life and that’s how we die Rich with some digits. Is this is the real reason you were born for? Think about it. Being successful is something everyone desires of but, it’s you who chose the definition of “Success” in your dictionary.

You can be successful with two times meal a day and love by your side only. ❤

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To me,

Gratitude is something that safeguards you even you feel stuck in some stupid thoughts.

Gratitude gives you a sense of freedom to live this life on your own terms without getting influenced by the outside world because you are born with everything you are seeking.

Gratitude makes you confident about your decisions and steps as whatever can happen. You will always have something to cherish.

Gratitude makes life simpler but, not lazier. Yes! It’s the gratitude that gives you the power to make this journey beautiful and, not to make it useless.

Belittle more grateful for what you have, what you believe in and, what you own. It’s a wonderful world out there for those who choose to see the beauty in just being.

How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day





Hare Krishna 💫🌿💙✨❤

Chronic and Acute disease| How Naturopathy works over Diseases?

Diseases can be categorized into two parts:

  1. Chronic Disease
  2. Acute Disease

Acute Diseases

When nature takes out toxins accumulated within the body then it is called an acute disease like Fever, Loose motion, Vomits, Cough, Cold, etc. While suffering from an acute disease the symptoms usually are of loss of appetite, bitter taste of mouth, dirty tongue, sore throat, blisters in the mouth, slight fever and headache, etc.

Acute diseases are our friend and not foes because they clean up the body of the accumulated toxins and protect us against chronic disease. We should observe fast, apply mud pack on the stomach, get enema and take proper rest.

If the acute disease is suppressed with medicines then the body gets afflicted by chronic disease later on.

Chronic Diseases

When toxins are not taken out of the body then their quantity increases then they can manifest themselves in the form of chronic disease. The name of the diseases could be different but the cause is the same and the treatment is also the same, i.e detoxification of the body.

How to Purify your Blood?| Detox your Blood Naturally

For this fasting and intake of juices, fruits and uncooked food is recommended. Other natural means through which the body can be cleansed should be adopted.

As long as the cause of the disease is not extracted, no medical treatment can cure the patient completely.

If the patient does not have full faith in the treatments then it is not fully efficacious. Through naturopathy, every disease can be cured but the response each patient depends on his her internal state.

Reasons for the accumulation of toxins

  1. Lack of a Balanced diet on a regular basis.
  2. Imbalance of alkali and acid in our food. What are Alkaline and Acidic foods?| How to balance Alkaline and Acid in your body?
  3. Consumption of unmatchable and contradictory food items.
  4. Spicy, heavy and fibreless food.
  5. A habit of Overeating.
  6. Consumption of intoxicating food and products like- alcohol.
  7. Working beyond one’s physical or mental capacity and not taking adequate rest. Resting Isn’t wasting| Learn to Rest your Mind and Body
  8. Too much anger and fear.
  9. Depression and anxiety.
  10. Lack of physical work.
  11. Heredity.
  12. Suppressing natural elements like sneezing, urination, excretion, hunger, sleep, thirst, etc.
  13. Environment factors like Pollution.
  14. Negative nature. How to develop a positive attitude towards Life?| 18 simple ways to be positive every damn day

How naturopathy works over Diseases?

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The specialty of naturopathy treatment is that it does not suppress the disease and extricates it from its roots. During the treatment, accumulated toxins are released in the form of loose motions, cold, cough, etc.

That doesn’t mean it is not suiting you but, that is the expression of treatment. Various patients give up their treatment and resort to medicines but, it is a huge mistake.

Various methods of treating are:

  • Therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Balanced Diet.
  • Cleansing
  • Reviving mental and physical health.

Hare Krishna ❤

Impact of Thoughts on our Health|Choose to Live Mindfully

Thoughts- An idea or opinion produced by thinking after seeing or feeling something. As simple as that, as complicated it can make our life. We see thousands of things in a day and every time we see or feel something we capture it as an image in our mind. A mind is a powerful tool and with the right use of it, we can do wonders in our life. It has an immense amount of storage and memory to store every damn thing!

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In simpler words, Thoughts are like clouds. You’ve generated them with your own consciousness but, it’s up to you to make them your reality. Choose them or let them go… All your game.

Thoughts create Anger, Fear, Lust, Selfishness, Dissatisfaction, Envy, Illness, Arrogance, Greed, and Worries. Of course, they can produce Love, Kindness, Compassion, Joy, Happiness, and Gratitude as well. Choose them wisely because they will affect your body. “Your body hears everything your mind says”

Every person is diffrent and types of thoughts affect them differently. It also depends on the traits like Personality, Environment, Work and Nature of a being.

Example- If I am a egotist person and Early morning I woke up. First thing I reminded myself is the insult I had faced yesterday at work and decides to take revenge. All my day spent in the negative thoughts about people and work. Sooner or later It will affect my body because my mind hears everything. It knows that I have a more important battle to fight in my mind that in the other bodily functions like Digestion, healing and Monthly cycles (In women). Believe me! Our body pays attention to every single action.

But, It may or may not affect me. It completely depends on the person I’ve become and what triggers me mentally. Little emotions are always good for the very purpose of life.

Let me share some really extreme and possible disease that plays very important role in our overall health if, you are taking too much of it.

Worries, Tension, and Stress

These above-mentioned things are super contributed to make you sick. Usually with the chronic disease’s condition which will demand changes in lifestyle, mindset, and diet. Tension and stress played their role in every disease you can name. This is the first thing to do and take control over to live a happy healthy lifestyle. Learn more here Freedom from Tension and Stress|9 effective ways to say Bye-Bye to Stress

Common Diseases caused by stress are High blood pressure, Heart diseases, Diabetes and Insomnia.

Fear and Anger

Many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Fear is an emotion that releases the chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing and energized muscles. Without any use of it, that energy gets stored inside the body in a form of fluid and our mind becomes more stressful. This is the reason we usually feel good after a good walk, run, workout and breakdown. Spending that energy in something will make a difference.

Common Disease caused by Fear is- Greying of hair, Early aging, Weak heart, Obesity, and Migraine.

Greed and Jealousy

It can drive people crazy and will never end. It is not a financial issue, it is a heart issue that keeps asking you for more. Greedy people will never be satisfied and suffer. Even if they get what they want.

Common disease caused by Greed- Ingestion, Loose motions, High blood pressure, and paralysis.

Disappointment and Regrets

After being disappointed many times in life, we become hopeless in life. If we are disappointed with ourselves we choose to regret our own decisions and slowly we become our worst friend, we choose to put ourselves down in every aspect of life. The one who is not happy with himself, will not be happy with anyone.

Common diseases caused by Disappointment- Autoimmune Diseases, Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks. 

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How to be happy and healthy?

Accept yourself, Accept others, Choose love, Pay attention to your thought, Breath mindfully and for more? Read here… How to attract Happiness in your life?| Why no one is completely Happy?|Happiness is a State of Mind

Hare Krishna ❤

Mud Therapy|Uses and Benefits of Mud therapy in Various diseases

Mud has all the healing properties in it. It absorbs all the feces, waste, dirt and impurities of this world and still remains pure itself. Nature has the ability to digest everything in the form of soil and change it into the source of life. The food we eat, the oxygen we breathe and the water we consume to keep us alive are coming from the Mother Nature.

Healing Qualities of Mud

  • It has the power to extract the poison
  • It scratches the oldest feces stored in the body and dilutes them.
  • It extracts toxins from the body.
  • It is effective in swelling, pains, boils, burning sensations and fungus.
  • It takes out heat from the body and gives required coolness.
  • It provides body magnetic force which gives vigor and strength.

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Mud therapy for various diseases

  • Constipation
  • Piles
  • Loose Motions
  • Chlorea
  • Stomach ache
  • Fever
  • Eczema
  • Pimples
  • Ailments of the Eye
  • Helps to relax the body

Various uses of Mud Therapy

  • Sleeping in mud – It is extremely effective for insomnia, nervous weaknesses, and body positioning.
  • Mud Massage- By massaging and applying mud on the body, harmful air and poisonous elements can be removed.
  • Mud Bath-  Instead of soap once in a while if mud is applied and rub against the body, it helps to remove the disease.
  • Walking Barefoot on Mud- This helps in curing kidney ailments, improving eyesight and increase magnetic power in the body.
  • Mud Pack- It is very important in naturopathy and is used against many diseases. For all the ailments of abdomen, it is very important.

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How to select Mud and make a pack?

  • Selection of Mud- Mud could be any type but, should have been taken from a neat and clean place exposed to sun rays, extracted from 2 to 3 feet below the ground. It should be dried in sunlight then sieved before use.
  • Preparation of Mudpack- Mud should be ground, sieved and then soaked in clean water twelve hours before use. At the time of use, spread half an inch layer of this wet paste of mud on a thin cotton cloth and put it on the spot where required, then cover it with a woolen cloth. It should be kept for 20-30 minutes or else the toxin extracted by mud will re-enter the body. Once used, the mud pack cannot and should not be used again.


Have a happy mud play 🙂

Hare Krishna ❤