Ending relationships mutually for growth? Read this.

Love- the most beautiful feeling of this world.

When love happens, Lovers consider themselves as the luckiest being of the world and forget everything. They choose each other completely and fall for each other flaws and qualities. They were not the same but, they wanted to become one like rivers. That’s how they start their chapter of love life.

After sometime when they are happily becoming one and starting to love each other more. This is the most beautiful phase where you just cuddle and kiss each other’s souls all the way up. Honestly be there for the love only.

When you’ve become one and shouted out to the world that this is the love you were wishing for and now this will be your FOREVER!.

Sadly, this doesn’t happen usually. Very soon…that forever changed into let’s give each other some space. We are different and we are seeking for different paths. They choose separation for each other wellness. All of a sudden the love “which was fueling them” became the hurdle in their growth. They both seem to love their paths more and fear of many things like boredom, suffocation, useless kicks in.

They choose growth over the “love”.

Growth of what? Growth of each other lives. You are here and you are enough with what you have in this life. This big world is full of possibilities but, do you think that the love you chose to be your forever will go away this easy and this end will not make an impact on your soul?


To see these things as a courageous decision like you still love each other but, you both want different things so you broke up. Courage or Weakness? Love doesn’t happen like that, it takes time and limitless affection to build a love for another soul.

Connections never end like this. They do travel with you to all your coming lives. Energy never lies. Separation can never be easy for your soul inside.

I know you are here to live and grow but, how can you not grow and prove your love with all the hurdles? Love is the most magical and powerful force that can transform lives and make anything happen. Do you believe in your Love?

Think about it… Maybe you are being so hard on yourself in making your dreams so prioritized that you forget to cherish the tree you’ve planted together. Fruits take time and patience. Every day is not the same.

Love is Love…


Hare Krishna 💞🌙


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