Real Causes of Slow Metabolism| 3 Simple ways to boost your metabolism naturally

Metabolism is a process by which our body creates energy to live, laugh and love. The food we eat, water and beverages we drink and oxygen we breath mixed up together to becomes one powerful force called “Energy”. Simply Conversion of food into energy is called “Metabolism”

Our metabolism is a God gift to us like plants have photosynthesis.🌱

In Modern times, Lives are becoming so busy winning the race of unreal paths that they have forgotten how even this body works and how it is meant to do work. Making changes in lives without any different best alternative to live by and only for one thing called “Comfort”.

Let’s learn some really Important things about metabolism before jumping into the cure.


  • Less Sun

The Sun is the most important source on Earth and without it, nothing can survive. A ball of ultimate energy that gives us life. People tend to avoid sun and sunlight due to side effects of UV rays exposure. It can harm your skin cells but, on the extreme contact of skin and sunlight. You need to know how to balance both as your body needs many elements from the sun to work properly and be healthy.

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Without coming in the contact of sunlight you tend to have many problems physically and mentally like- Depression, Vitamin D deficiency, Poor Immunity, Weak eyesight, Cancer, Obesity and Arthritis.

Sunlight helps us in the effective metabolism process with the help of energy that our body soak in from Sun rays.

  • Less Water

Everyone knows the importance of water to us and how it helps us keep our body hydrated all day long. Water is the most essential part of our body as it contains many minerals our body needs. It moves nutrients, hormones, antibodies, and oxygen through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Hydration should be the most important priority in your schedule. Our body needs 3 liters of water in a day. Why not? Our body is 60-70% water only.

Dehydration can cause several problems in our human system and that is- Diahera, Kidney failure, Weakness, Skin problems, Joints pain, Dry mouth\eyes, and many other illnesses.

Water Increase your Metabolic rate and helps you passing stool easily and keeps your blood healthy by removing toxins from the body. For a healthy body drink enough water and water rich food 19 Healthiest Food To Add In Your Day-Today Meal|Top Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables for Hydration

  • Less Raw and Uncooked food

Raw, Fresh and Plant-based food actually helps a lot in the good metabolism process as it maintains the body PH level and helps you flush out toxins easily. Alkaline food is what our body demands every time you feel hungry and not acidic food. Maintaining the balance of both is so much important as it is the only reason you develop much imbalance in life.

Read about What are Alkaline and Acidic foods?| How to balance Alkaline and Acid in your body?

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  • Less Physical Work

Most important but, easily forgettable point. Our body’s natural state is Movements, It demands movements, the only way to work is movements and nowadays people can easily forget to move as there are many other substitutes of moving like technology has made us. Sure technology is the smartest invention of humankind but, also the overuse or use it even when you can do things by your own hand because you think sitting on a couch watching one more episode is more important. I’m sorry but, you are killing a life inside slowly.

Metabolism works its best when you move. It helps you gain muscle mass and massages every part of your body regularly.

Get up and start moving. Do exercise, Yoga, Weight lifting Households, Walk-in nature or simply dance but, MOVE! 

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  • Good Diet

Taking a balanced diet containing all the good nutrients in it can help you fight any illness. Food has amazing healing power if taken properly and mindfully. There is much food that triggers one’s body metabolism and works great on others. Everybody is different and accept different foods. Pay attention to your diet and observe what causes you problems like Constipation, Bloating, Gas, and Laziness immediately after eating it. Avoid food which is not good for your body.

Constipation Cure Naturally without Laxatives|Yoga & Home Remedies for Constipation

  • Healthy Habits

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it”- Richard Whately

Choose a rich life is to choose rich habits. As simple as that. If you have no time table of doing things then your body will be confused with your changing routines. No time set for waking up and no time to go to the bed will cause you many life-threatening problems you could have ever imagined.

7 Amazing Healthy Habits to live Disease-free

It looks like It has no effects but, slowly it will damage your metabolism and other body parts as you as the owner is not conscious enough for our body.

  • Yoga

Yoga is the best way to live this life fully both physically and mentally. It gives you amazing strength, power, flexibility, and balance in life. A very well connected life with its own consumption of thoughts, food, and energy is a blessed one. Be the one!

Practice yoga every day for half an hour and you will see the difference very soon.


Why choose yoga?|Eight reasons to do yoga every damn day!


Many Blessings ❤

Hare Krishna 🙂


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