Toxic Blood| Thick and Dark color Blood Causes and Symptoms

Blood is a liquid which is essential to our life. It helps in transporting all the nutrients and oxygen to the cells and also carries away all the waste products from body cells. It’s like whole life process and every second of work to keep us alive. We won’t be able to work properly If our blood is not doing its work efficiently.

Healthy blood is Bright red in color and thin in texture which means your blood is containing good oxygen level and flowing in your body by carrying all the good nutrients. On the other side, Unhealthy blood is being darker in color containing all the fat and toxins from the body.

What causes Toxic Blood?

  • Poor and Unhealthy Diet for a longer period of time: Eating a wholesome diet can save you and nourish for a healthy and joyful life. By not adding fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet will lead you to a lazy mind, body, and soul.
  • Less or No range of motion in your day to day activities: In this generation, work has become less physical and more mental which is constructing us towards the unhealthy and rusty body.
  • Not taking enough Liquids: Your body is more water than anything else. If you are not taking enough liquids in the form of watery fruits, Vegetables, and simply water then it will become a problem for your blood to work smoothly and releasing toxins.
  • Taking short breaths: As I mentioned above, Your blood has oxygen in it and it supplies it to all the other body parts too. Deep breaths help to increase the oxygen level in your blood. Taking short breaths or always staying in the closed spaces can be the cause of less oxygenated blood.
  • No Sweat: Less physical activities in your day to day life will not generate any sweat from your skin. No sweat means no release of toxins from skin cells which is really scary because your skin releases most of the toxins from the body and detoxify the blood.
  • Constipation: Our body absorb the nutrients and minerals from the side walls of intestines and when you start suffering from constipation your colon doesn’t get cleaned and your intestines start absorbing all the waste substance too.
  • Consuming Animal products in Diet: This one is the most important one. Animals are not always healthy. The pain and vibration they have seen before death is totally unkind and poor for anyone to consume. Eating a plant-based diet is far healthier than eating lives.
  • Smoking and Drinking Alcohol: Toxins directly enters into the body by consuming these addictive and harmful products. Long term effects are so dangerous.
  • Poor oral and physical hygiene: Cleaning yourself and your surroundings around help you inhaling and absorbing pure and fresh oxygen. The dirty body can be the home for the guests called bacteria and germs.
  • On medications for a longer time: Any medication has several side effects and causes you unnecessary complications. It affects your whole body in so many different ways and your body starts getting weaker and dependent on medicines.
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What are the Symptoms of Toxic Blood?

  • Skin problems: Skin is the largest eliminative organ which helps in eliminating toxins from the body in the form of Mucus, Sweat, Gas and body odor. An unhealthy body will use skin cells to remove all the toxins from the blood.
  • Poor Immunity: Immune system helps in the defense against infections and harmful toxins for the body. If you get sick more often and find difficult to live a happy cheerful life? You may have a darker and toxin full blood that means Poor Immunity.
  • Inflammation: Toxic and dirty blood cause inflammation in your body. Especially in your Joints, Digestive system, Fever, Fatigue, and Swelling.
  • Obesity: Heavyweight is a very known cause of many problems and sometimes it can be a symptom of some serious illness growing inside. Sometimes it’s just extra fat of body and you can reduce it because sooner or later it might take some form of diseases.

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Have a happy living! 🙂

Hare Krishna❤


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