5 Ways to deal with DELHI pollution

Pollution in Delhi these days running the worst one can imagine. New Delhi is listed as one of the most dramatic deterioration in the cities around the world. I’m living in Delhi and no one can understand the situation going on here these days better than me or and from the people living here helplessly.

These are the things you cannot do if you are a Delhi citizen right now.

You cannot go out or plan an outside walk. You would end up catching the viral fever, some kind of eye irritation or cold within hours of roaming around. If you are suffering from any sort of lung disease then sorry to say this but this air would likely to kill you. In short, IT’S HARD TO LIVE!!!

It’s really very sad and annoying that you cannot breathe fresh air where air is the first priority for a living being.

I have NONE magical tips to deal with this extremely dangerous situation.

Okay! Ofcourse you can wear a mask, avoid going out, leave the station for somedays etc. But, is it the right way to deal with it even when yoy know the causes??? Honestly I see many people burning crackers while wearing masks. Can you believe it?

You just cannot deal with it until you are ready to take responsibility for what you’ve done and are doing every day. So the 5 ways trick was to grab your attention and tell you how serious it is and you need to be responsible rather than finding ways out with peace.

High time now.

The reason for posting this one day before Diwali is “CARE AND WORRIES”

I cannot imagine the mindset of people who are breathing this toxic air and are ready to burn out stupid crackers. Please don’t do this to our planet. People are dying, animals are dying and birds are dying. Take care of your planet. It’s our only home.🏠

“BE KIND” It will cost you nothing and you are somewhere helping so many lives around. So many of you ask me this “What if I don’t any crackers? Does it make any difference?” So the answer is YES! It does. It’s been 10 years to me not burning any crackers and I think that was the most conscious and helpful decision I have ever made in my teenage. You’ll be the happiest If one of you do this too.

Okay, I have some long-term but, very effective ways to completely save our future.

  • Plant trees

  • Say no to plastic bags

  • Reduce Recycle and Reuse

  • Say no to crackers

  • Use public transport

We all are responsible for our planet and only we can take charge for it. Let’s make it a beautiful place to live and breathe.🌸

Have a happy and safe day. 🙂

Hare Krishna 🌿✨



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