Helpful ways to deal with anger


Expressing anger is not a sin or a crime. It is totally a human emotion that comes after a mixture of several feels like Insecurities, jealousy or failure.

Such feels are the curse which leads to extreme anger or violence. Try to calm your mind and understand the root cause of anger and not to the anger expressions. Once you will understand the cause of the anger you will be aware of the actions.

There is something you can do for yourself and you will be more peaceful than the person who is in complete control of outsiders.

Do not let anyone ruin your vibe and You are all beautiful. 🙂

Let me help you a bit to save your state of mind and live mindfully as well as peacefully.

  • Yoga

All the time and every time. Yoga has helped me personally so much and is helping me with so many other things as well. I use to be a very angry person and has no control over the actions to express anger. To release that toxic emotion I choose to move with the flow of my body. You can do any sort of exercise to release this anger emotion. It will be most helpful I bet.

  • Temporary Distance

Sometimes, a healthy distance from the situation and the people who cause you anger is the best. Distance yourself for some time to understand the reasons and solutions. You should not completely avoid the situation as it can help you for some time but it will hold a grudge in your heart for so long.

  • Breathe

Sounds stupid but try this. Take some deep breathes in between the act of anger and it will be little help for you to not cross the limit of harm to yourself as well as others. Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!

  • Meditation

If anger is very usual for you and you get trigger easily by outsiders then this is for you. Meditation will help you a lot. Try to sit in silence for sometime and do meditation regularly. Soon you will see the results.

  • Eat more Fruits and Veggies

We are what we eat. Eat simpler and fresh food to avoid toxic emotions in the body. Do not eat Fried, processed, overcooked and animal product. Hydrate your body well with water, Juices, and soups. Have a happy meal 🙂

  • Prayers and Chanting

Believe it or not! This works like a miracle. Prayers are very powerful and can change a person completely. Do not sit to ask God or deity for solutions but strength and patience. everybody is somehow dealing with something in life and all we need is willpower of living in this world peacefully and maintaining the peace around.

Hope it all helped.

Hare Krishna xX





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