Why It’s okay to quit? Breathe and Let it go…

There is a reason why parents instruct their children to “stick it out,” to “never give up”, to “keep at it.” Endurance is an important skill, and frankly, kids have a tendency to quit things for less-than-legitimate reasons. We have taught from the beginning that it’s never okay to quit something. If you do so you are too weak or just a loser.

A question most people asked me,,,

How can you quit your job, without any alternative plan?

I’ve left three jobs in a row and got a tag of quitter and a person who will not gonna get any success in life.

All the comments and judgments were killing my self-motivation for some time. Many people criticize in such a way, where they wait for your failure so that they can put you down.

Relax! Let me show you something that will give you thought and why it’s okay to quit something which is not serving you any happiness.

Wishes are limitless

Yes! They are. Can you guess how many times a day you wish for something that you don’t have? I bet many times. You run after it and you run…run…run. It will never gonna end. Believe me! You always have something that you don’t appreciate and that’s the problem. If your stomach is full times a day then you have everything. I don’t wish anymore, I mean for materials or luxuries. I wish for world peace.

Cost your life

Do you wanna be a part of something that has nothing to do with your interest and self-growth and it will charge you your 9 hours a day? Absolutely not!!! Do something that makes you feel good.

Find or just be

I understand this fact that saying is easy but living it is not. What if you’ve spent your half-life in this senseless job and now you are too afraid, you don’t see any passion or talent inside, you think this will be completely stupid? I would say “Be stupid” You’ve been stupid for your whole life, try being my stupid once. There has to be something that lights up your soul. Find it, realize it or just totally be in this moment for a while. Do not be so hard on yourself.

You are enough

From the beginning, this society has told you to be a gentle follower of the rules. “Go live your best life possible” I don’t understand this. The best life is Starbucks coffee, an expensive watch, your car, world tour, ridiculously overpriced clothes??? To live the best life, poor beings run after the money otherwise they are not living a good life. What if I tell you. “YOU ARE ENOUGH” For living the best life possible. Do not put your life happiness in the materials. Go hug somebody.

Life is unpredictable

Agree or not. Life has no definite span. Your soul can leave this body at any moment, you may be saving for your old age or any big disease. At last, you will be dead. My dear, if you won’t live this right now, there is no point to living it in the hospital bed. You are perfectly fine right now. Appreciate this or you are surely going to that bed cause of stress.

Conclusion- You are the beautiful soul, do not let this world made you feel any way lesser, you’ve been chosen to taste and experience this human life. Spend it in giving and receiving love. Every damn day!!! ❤

Hare Krishna Xx




7 thoughts on “Why It’s okay to quit? Breathe and Let it go…

  1. Oh sis, how much wisdom you have for learning to listen to and act upon what calls your heart. You are far from stupid. You are defiant and courageous and hopeful. And that part about the impermanence of life…how we have no guarantee of tomorrow…so many people save up their money, their vacation, their dreams and put them on a and for a future that may never come. We must live today as fully as we can. Thank you for sharing your heart. xo

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