How yoga has helped me?

How did yoga help you?

This is the question many people have asked me at various places like in the yoga class, at the family gatherings and of course over social media. I will be sharing how yoga changed me completely. It’s a lifestyle and every act of human consciousness is YOGA.

Yoga has helped me in various aspects of life whether it’s about physical or mental.

I’ve shortlisted my hundreds of points and made a list of EIGHT aspects where yoga has helped me through this journey. Believe me, it wasn’t easy at all to some up all!

  • Anger!

I use to be a very angry person, I have zero tolerance for anything which is not right and this leads me to extremely powerful and unpredictable emotion which violates me, so eventually, I end up hurting myself. With the help of yoga and meditation, I know how to understand the causes and I always take a moment to realize before react. That doesn’t mean I hold my emotion, I react when I feel like more expressing and not shouting.

  • Acceptance and letting go…

Something which is forever in the process.  Accepting what it is, how it is and letting it all go is the hardest thing I’ve learned and still learning. The more you learn it, the more you feel free from the abundance of pain you are carrying upon the shoulders and who doesn’t like to live with light and released shoulders. I DO!

  • Less but deep sleep zZ

Everybody is different and need a different amount of sleep. Some people only need 5 hours of sleep and some like I need 8 hours of sleep but I used to sleep for 8 hours at night and 3 hours a day. Gross?! I know! Yoga has helped me skipping this day naps habit and I don’t feel like sleeping in a day at all without being lazy. I like sleeping for 7-8 hours straight at night and feel completely relax.

  • BUBYE! caffeine and sugar xX

YES! I don’t drink tea and coffee. It’s been a year I have skipped this habit for coconut water and some delicious smoothies. Of course because of yoga. I practice almost daily and it made me quit caffeine slowly, I don’t crave for any food much from now. I wasn’t a big fan of tea or coffee but yes I am happy with this positive change yoga has brought me.

  • Acne and breakouts

Suffering from acne and skin problems in my late teens is the worst thing happened to me. I have always been so happy in my skin that I have no mark on my face.  I have no idea it will come and will be there for years. I never fall for any cosmetic product so I tried using every natural remedy but acne use to come back always. After practicing cleansing techniques, yogic diet and pranayama regularly I finally see clear face after years. Isn’t yoga is pure bliss?

  • Flexibility and strength

Well, who will deny this? Yoga bought us so much flexibility and strength externally as well internally. I tend to do so many things which I once found against my principles because of my tough attitude and fear of inviting problems. I am calmer and less possessive with so much internal power. Being more open with no fear is my only principle.

  • Filled lungs with lots of positivity

Mindful deep breaths are the most indulging and the only way to do yoga. Being in a state of mindful breathing is being present. Awareness of breathing in and breathing out means you are alive and this body has prana inside at the moment. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing you are breathing and breathe is always with you. It means focusing your energy and consciousness on respire means you are living each and every second. Magical isn’t it? (Deep breathe) xX

  • Live here and now!

It takes a lot of mental stability to be completely here and live. Future goals and past experiences always influence our mind for present actions. lessons ate good so do little future predictions but both can ruin our present if not controlled. Yoga helped me in not taking this life granted and taught me the value of every breathe. ❤

Hare Krishna xX


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