How to do meditation?

You’ve heard so many benefits of meditation and you are fascinated about the magic it can bring in your lifestyle. You might be suffering and you are seeking some relief from your own mind for a while, you might need to bring consciousness about your thoughts so you need some help or you are just CURIOUS.

Any reason, If you are reading this then you’ve already taken one step towards awareness.

I’ll be sharing five easy steps which will take you on the path of forever peace.

Find your place

The first and the most important step I see is Environment. You cannot meditate in the room full of noise, weird vibes or foul smell. While meditating, Fresh air, Comfy space and silence are the key elements to set a mood. You have to find a place where you feel totally “YOU”.

Sit and Relax your shoulders

Stiff and nervous shoulders hold the negative energy from your body. Release them and let them be free. You are no way deserving that burden you were carrying. Just take one deep breathe and shake yourself up. You can sit in a simply folded legs pose or yoga asana like Vajrasana or Padamasana.

Close your eyes and shut down the world

Oh Yes!!! I personally love sitting with closed eyes. After all its just one of my senses. Not me. Shut the world off and prepare yourself for the “Me Time” Try not to interrupt and let them be close(Nobody is stealing anything). Your body has been working up from hours, it will take time to shut. Give yourself time and then stay still and beautiful. ❤

Let your thoughts come and go 

You have generated them, You are generating them. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are totally okay with these thoughts. let them come and go, don’t focus on them. You have got this all.

Chant a mantra

Mantra doesn’t always mean a big line which you are unable to speak. It is totally up to you if you aren’t ready for any thought or repetition. Let the silence rule. If you want to…The mantra could be anything. It can be a reminder, a note to self or just a thing you love.

I love you!

hare Krishna xX



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