What is meditation?

How are you doing in your relationship with your mind?

Do you sometimes find it racing from thought to thought?

Do you find it hard to concentrate?

Do you feel that only you have too much to think about all the time?

For some, there is a solution to get some relief from the mind and that is watching a movie, scrolling over social media or intoxication. But it will come back to its place of extra thinking work and you become used to of other ways to find you peace. What if I tell you I have a better way to handle your mind- MEDITATION.

Meditation helps you to get rid of useless thoughts and routine cares or worries. It helps you understand everything.

Meditation has become quite popular these days when something becomes popular, some people rush in to satisfy their demand and some people start serving them in the names of brands with the highest price possible. Of course, they are helping you living a “Better Life”

Meditation is not a property of some people so that they can put a tag on it as like toothpaste or shampoo. Nature of meditation is humankind and do not belong to a single person. It’s already within.

It takes time and doesn’t come as easy as the internet. You need to invest your time with yourself to find your question by yourself. Believe me, there is no other better way to find your existence in this huge world, There is no other beautiful feeling then union with your own self.


It’s all within.

Hare Krishna xX




9 thoughts on “What is meditation?

      1. The root cause i, think everyone knows, it is dissatisfaction. I know how desires work, the waves in the mind.
        Well, I don’t really go through stress, but I’m in search for perfection, I think everyone has desires, but I’m aware of my desires that’s why I am asking this question, I have hunger for self improvement in my respected field, that’s why, I want concentration, the level where I can do things at my highest potential, I know that intellect, will power and self awareness are key, but I’m not able to find a way, I just want to be highly concentrated, so that waves of desire, thoughts and emotions don’t break it. 😊

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      2. Disstastisfaction is just an illusion, Soul is all and it is perfect, its just the world that fluctuates the mind. Root cause is deep it’s not easily knowable, otherwise you won’t be asking this question.🍀


      3. I know its an illusion, but is it a illusion when we are not right? Like, if I’m not good at something and dissatisfaction arises, is it illusion?
        No, but to reach at highest potential, is where satisfaction comes. And, every human whether he wants to do anything in his life has to reach his or her highest potential. I know that we can’t be perfect, but, we can still improve, still do the best we can, and that’s what satisfaction and happiness is for me, for a yogi it maybe reaching samadhi be the highest goal, for me doing what I’m good at is. Dissatisfaction becomes illusion when its a trick of the mind, but our soul is perfect we will be dissatisfied unless we reach that stage, I’m not dissatisfied with myself, but I want to be better. Thank you for reply. 😊


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