8 Most asked questions about “Yog Hasta Mudra”

Yoga is a practice of union. In this union with the deity or yourself, you have tools and one of them is called Mudra. Hasta yoga mudras are one of the most known and effective yoga mudras.  Most mudras are performed with the hands and fingers often in combination with movements of the wrists, elbows, and shoulders; some involve the entire body. Hundreds of mudras are used in the ceremonies, dance, sculpture and painting iconography (i.e. representations of Buddha).  In the yoga and spiritual practices, of Indian religions and traditions such as Dharma and Taoism, mudras have been used for thousands of years to assist in meditation  I’ll be sharing my thoughts and answering the questions people have asked me about “HASTA YOGA MUDRAS”.

  • Why do we need to perform “Hasta mudra”?

This is the most asked question. You don’t need to perform yoga mudra while practicing yoga, there is no rule. Yoga hasta mudra is a tool of yoga by which you can experience more about your body and how it works. There are very useful mudras for living a conscious and healthy life. No one can force somebody to be conscious or pose in yoga mudra.

  • How hands help us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

The human hands are a powerful tool apart from eating and doing physical work, they are capable of doing many many things. In yoga, you can directly control the whole universe by doing mudras consciously. Every nerve of your body carrying prana inside you, flow through your hands.

  • Do we need to pose in an hasta yoga mudra every time while doing yoga?

See yoga is a mixture of kriya and there are several ways to do Kriya. Depends what works for you. I’ll not say do chin mudra while doing “Chakrasana” You can hold an asana for 30 seconds and you need to do a mudra far more than that so, I think its clear.

  • How long we should perform hasta mudra?

To see the results, Start with 5 to 10 minutes a day and you can increase your time. It’s like meditation, as long as you can meditate you can hold a mudra. If you are not meditating then while sitting. working, reading you can take 5 to 10 minutes for this kriya.

  • How fast we can see the benefits of mudras?

It will take time and you will learn how to do it and how it works on you. I’ll suggest sitting in a mudra while meditating for a month and you’ll figure out every question.

  • Does it really work?

You never know until you find it by yourself. This whole body is a universe if you have the vision to see, sense to hear and vibrations to feel.

Yoga mudras have all the ability to control every single nerve of your body. Imagine If you have control over your whole body, how the peaceful and healthy life you can live.

  • Do we need to do every mudra in one session?

Absolutely not! You cannot perform every mudra in one session because changes in hasta mudra simultaneously will not taking you anywhere. If one is doing this then either he/she is showing off or they need all the benefits of yoga in just one sitting. Do one at a time.

  • Does every hand posture is called mudra?

In yoga, Mudra is used in conjunction with pranayama, In classical Indian dance, mudra is used as a symbol of expressions. Not every hand posture is called mudra but, your hands can release and receive vibrations of this world with movements.


Hare Krishna xX




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