Having so many thoughts? Read this.

You are using your power of mind in an inconvenient way and you are unable to rule it.

If you are having so many thoughts and they are out of control and you have no idea how to deal with them. I’m sure this will help you!


Thoughts are the process of all the incoming vibrations you are getting from the world around you. It is not something that you’ve created for yourself.

Your this body is nothing but just a machine given to your soul to experience the most conscious practices and of course life.

Understand when you try to occur yourself as someone different then you, you absorb their energy and started thinking you as themselves. What are you doing?

You identify something and command your mind that you are something that you are not, Your mind will start working in a way you want it to be.

You are just a soul that will gonna leave this body one day but you are identifying yourself with an appeal of changing. This change will keep on going and your thoughts will keep on coming.

You cannot stop your thoughts as you didn’t stop yourself to absorb the energy. Once you feel that you are nothing but just a soul having human experiences you will not allow yourself to go through the thought process which is unnecessary and out of control.

You gather experience from the outer world and put it in your inner world asking for a change and complain about that “why are you having such thoughts.?”

Conclusion – Trying so hard to become something you are not, is the reason for so many thoughts. Be Yourself!

Hare Krishna xX

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