why are we living with unmanageable stress?

I see people from my village and how do they live and manage their lives. I amaze myself with so much truth and eye-opening moments. They live the simplest life possible and they have so much peace around. They don’t live like people are living in cities and developed area. It’s like the more you get the more you are stuck in this mud of so-called better life. In search of easy life, we are doing so much worse with our bodies and mind.

I’ll be sharing Nine reasons why you are living with stress?

Focusing on future more than present

Take a moment to think how much you are living today and how much you are saving for the tomorrow, both the time and the money. You are supposed to be here all, forget about what will happen next, nobody will gonna live forever no matter how well organized plans for future they have, but by focusing on this present moment you may live without stress.

Fear of uninvited situation

This is true, every single person out there is imagining the worst situation for them starts with “WHAT IF?” You are here right now and helping yourself with this life. No matter what will happen. You have you!!! So why bother???

Taking this life for granted

Doing things in such a way so that you can live forever, Although you know this journey will end up soon. We see people dying every day, everywhere. Extra income won’t help you in living a better life, extra love will.

Dreaming all day

Dreams are good and give us motives for life but, Too much dreaming will develop unnecessary expectations and you will end up hurting yourself and that will cause stress for sure. Dreams are nice, work for them but don’t put your whole life on them.

The greed of more and not enjoying the things you are blessed with

Gratitude!!! It’s the key to life and you’ll find yourself happy without any luxury or stuff once you wished for. There are millions of lives not getting food once a day and Dying of starving. You have this internet connection to read and make your life worthful. Think about it.

Being a slave of your emotions

I have some confession to make, I’m the slave of my emotions most of the time. My emotions rule my life all day and I’m so much proud of these sentiments but I know sometimes too many emotions cause emotional stress and I feel sick within hours. Yoga helps me a lot in balancing such emotional torture usually I create in my body.

Not nourishing your body with good food

We are what we eat. I love this phrase as it solves my life in a simpler manner. I met people who always complain that we don’t take any mental stress still we are not fully charged to live this life with so much of excitement and end up being on the couch all day. I always suggest them to track what you are eating. Nourish your body with good, fresh and yummy seasonal fruits. Change your eating habits if needed and Drink lots and lots of water.

Imbalance in mental and physical work

Balance is so much important (We all know) Doing work mentally all day by sitting and not moving enough is also the root cause of stress. Your mind needs rest. Like, You cannot run the whole day, as your body will not allow you. Exactly! Taking extra work from the mind will give you stress. MOVE!

Lack of Rest

Last and the most helpful. Rest and self-care are most important when you take time to replenish your spirit, you’ll allow yourself to work with a better mindset. Train to grow, Train to rest.

Hare Krishna xX







7 thoughts on “why are we living with unmanageable stress?

  1. I am so bad for looking into the future and also fearing something may happen and getting caught up in that. You have shared some points to think about and try to do less to reduce that stress😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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