How to be conscious?


First of all, consciousness is not looking at the tree and feeling like “Oh there is a tree” or “How beautiful it is?” That just faking some emotions and try so hard to be something that is not coming easily and naturally, It is something more and real than that. The tree doesn’t need your fakeness or the care you do in the words only. I feel this is stupid for all the mankind to cut the only source of human life.

No matter what but the tree is serving you all his life. There is a far deeper inner connection which you are ignoring by living in this technological world. So many other things are grabbing your attention. If you ever appreciate the environment so the first thing you do is click the picture then look at it for few minutes get bored and left the place with some plastic cans without giving another second thinking about mother nature, because there is an expensive car, clean home, better facilities, and a new laptop is waiting for you. That’s not how you love nature or this is not loving.

I’m not saying stay there and forget about all the things you were doing and just look at the tree all life long. This is not the way how you do it. Consciousness is something that you take a responsibility of thoughts and not letting them change you as you were not meant to work on a computer all life long and living like a machine.

Materialistic world is slowly eating our inner power and leading us to the time where there is nothing a person can do without a support of machines, Almost here I guess.

Find life inside you and not outside you. The universe is trying to connect with you in so many ways. Be there to listen. Be there to feel.

If you are in love with this life, you don’t need to visit the mountains and live in the happiest place to say “I FEEL ALIVE”. Every moment of your breath is reminding you how grateful you are!.

My six-step towards consciousness are:

“Focus on the lives and not the dead batteries”

“Focus on thoughts and understand the causes”

“Focus on appreciation and not the complaints”

“Focus on stillness and not the buzz”

“Focus on situations and not the solutions”

“Focus on quietness and not the noise”

“Focus on the BREATHE and not the amount of time you have”



Hare Krishna xX





5 thoughts on “How to be conscious?

  1. Dear Krishnayogini, I bow down to your wisdom. For you there is nothing more to know — you have indeed drank the nectar of knowledge, the knowledge of the self. Thank you for connecting with me.

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