What makes Autumn so special?

Dear Autumn, I feel you!

I share a beautiful connection with Autumn, I think we all do. The leaves are falling of trees by turning yellow as someone started decorating them with the colors when the world set on rest.

Some leaves are holding the branches as they have no intention to let it go it and they will hold it as long as decided by mother nature. Change is hard and not easy going always, some of the leaves have given up with the last draft of wind and some need time to let go!

Shedding of fear and losing oneself in the flow of this universe is hard and we often see ourselves as those beautiful stubborn hopeful leaves, but hope for what? Holding on something which wasn’t meant to stay. We also see ourselves as the ones who chose to let it all go and making the place for the new beginnings.

All those quiet walks are turning into the noisy ones, the sound of every step on the ground is crusty and reminding us of our old self.

We are spending our time sitting on the couch, reading that old book over and over again, watching the sunset, making ourselves more comfortable in the warmness of unsettled bed you left after the dreams you had last night, the smell of coffee seems like a hope in the garden of fallen feels.

I hug myself and whisper with the closed eyes… “It will all gonna be okay!”

Sleeping with the question in my mind “Do the time has come to take out the blankets?”

Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow (zzz)

Hare Krishna



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