Do you need lots of stuff for practicing yoga?

What do you need exactly to start your yoga journey?

The answer is NOTHING! Yeah, you’ve read it right that you literally need nothing and you can start a yoga practice any day, anytime and anywhere. Luckily there is one way to keep yourself fit and healthy without spending lots of rupees(Money). The ancient yogis of my country India had nothing to depend on and they spent their whole life in a piece of cotton cloth only and survived every weather condition, ate nothing but simple sattvic food, live under the shed of the tree and attain spirituality. I believe the more you depend on materials the more you will be their slave. I’ve practiced yoga on the grass and believe me, I feel happier over grass than my yoga mat but that doesn’t mean everyone has to do it (Offcourse) as long as you are doing yoga. I’m sharing five exact things you need to start practice yoga.

  • Desire

The most important thing you need is a desire to learn and stick to it. If you are open to receive the energy, you just might discover how inclusive and uplifting yoga can be. Nobody can teach you yoga if you are not surrendering to the process of learning and practicing with an open heart.


  • Discipline

Important point “Discipline”. Yoga demands discipline to gift all the magical benefits it is holding to serve you. You can practice yoga as a peaceful act which relaxes your mind and removes stress from the body or you can live life as a Yogi, but both the time you need discipline or at least the willingness to learn and be conscious. Although Its okay to start slowly and take your time as long as you are doing it.


  • Vegetarianism

People eat meat, beef. chicken and whatever they call it. They eat LIVES. Killing animals for appetite, clothes or for any purpose is not right and so unkind. When your body is a tomb of many animals how can you live happily?  The vibrations of that poor animal’s heart while seeing an unnatural and painful death in front of him, transferred inside you. Yoga is an act of Love, Kindness, Trust, Patience, Happiness and most of the above Forgiveness. If you are doing violence then you are not doing yoga.


  • Breathable Clothes

To start feeling good the first thing comes in our mind is the comfort. Breathable and simplest cotton clothes are the best in practice so that you can focus on the practice and not on the tugging waistband. You don’t have to look good while doing yoga so you have no need to buy all those insanely expensive leggings.


  • Water

Hydrating your body during the yoga practice is the must because it helps you in removing toxins from your body and of course, prevent you from fainting down on the floor so always keep a good amount of water while practicing yoga. You can add a lemon slice or Tulsi leaves in it.



Have a happy yoga 🙂




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